Reasons to Move to Spain

Relocating to a new country can be both thrilling and taxing, due to the uncertainty of what to expect in the new environment. Adopting a new lifestyle and getting new friends at the very least can be quite demanding. It is even tougher for individuals to leave their families behind. However, moving to a wonderful country goes a long way in easing these challenges. Spain is a perfect example of a country that has been classified as an amazing place to move to.

Spain is a magical European country with plenty to offer, making it an ideal place to live and work. A lively nightlife is one of the most popular elements of Spain. This beautiful country is also rendered as one of the best places to achieve a work-life balance. This culture has been an attractive feature, especially for expatriates. Those who have relocated and lived in Spain have been giving positive feedback when asked how the experience has been so far.

There is a concern about who is eligible to move to Spain. Can a US citizen move to Spain? Yes, US citizens can move to Spain as long as they meet the legal requirements of the Spanish government, which would be to have a visa, the most commonly used by Americans or British citizens are the non-lucrative visa or the investor visa. In addition, a US citizen who has spent five years of uninterrupted stay in Spain can obtain permanent residency. There are multiple reasons why Americans should relocate to Spain, and the same applies to citizens of other countries.

Why Would People Move to Spain?

Is Spain a good place to move to? When contemplating moving to Spain, this is probably the most common question to ask. The answer to this question is yes since life in Spain is astounding. There is a lot to look forward to when living in Spain. In matters best countries to move to, for what it is worth, comprehensive surveys have been conducted where Spain has been ranked top ten, plus its easy to apply for a Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa or a Golden visa. Let us now look at the numerous practical reasons to move to Spain.

1.       Healthcare

Being in perfect shape is vital, as it affects all other aspects of life. The ability to receive quality and affordable healthcare services is crucial. Spain has an excellent healthcare system, incorporating both public and private systems. Individuals who contribute to the Spanish Social Security System receive free basic health services under the public system. Their families also get to receive free health insurance coverage.

It is worth noting that free health insurance does not come at the cost of the quality of healthcare services being compromised. It is a relief that you do not have to incur out-of-pocket expenses when seeking care in health facilities while in Spain. When comparing healthcare systems, Spain has been ranked among the top ten globally.

2.       Cost of living

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Spain is relatively lower. For instance, it is more affordable living in Spain than in the UK. However, the cost is dependent on where you decide to live. All the same, living in some parts of Spain is more expensive compared to other areas, perhaps due to features such as the type and standard of infrastructure available in the region.

Even in situations where one may be earning a low income, the ability to access basic needs remains unaffected. The capacity to pay rent and purchase food commodities such as groceries remains stable. The living cost in Spain is therefore pretty much favorable for most, if not everyone residing there.

3.       Education

Anyone interested to relocate to Spain for education purposes can rest assured that Spain has multiple incredible schools. This also comes in handy for families that have school-going children. It can be draining moving to a new place and having to get a fitting school for your kids. It is such a comfort when moving to Spain as you are guaranteed that the caliber of schools around is ideal for your children.

4.       Quality of life

This can be assessed based on the mental well-being that comes with living in Spain. Those who have moved to Spain say that they have been happy, at peace, and fulfilled when living there. The quality of life is heavily reliant on most of the other factors highlighted. For instance, peace of mind can be attributable to the comfort that you have access to standard health services, your children are receiving a quality education, and the living costs are fitting for you.

As mental illnesses are unfortunately on the rise worldwide, it is important to consider the impact that relocating to a foreign country will have on your mental well-being. Relocating to a country like Spain that safeguards your mental welfare plays a major role in reducing stress levels, and the possibility of sinking into depression and suicidal thoughts.

5.       Safety

One of the reasons to move to Spain is the unmatched level of safety across the country. The crime rates in Spain are considerably low and therefore, you do not always have to look over your shoulder worried that you will be mugged. There is heightened security in Spain, with proper systems in place where you can report incidences that jeopardize your safety.

In addition to this, the response time is fast in situations where the authorities need to attend to criminal cases. It is particularly a vital point of focus if you are relocating with your children. You would like assurance that your kids will be safe even as they walk to school and back home, or as they play with their friends in the park.

6.       Culture

Generally, Spanish people are friendly and welcoming. Spanish people are intentional about creating strong social bonds and this translates into a warm culture that one desires to be part of. In addition to this, Spain has a rich heritage, with its history mainly depicted through art. You can get a feel of this art by visiting an opera house.

Upon relocating to Spain, one gets to learn more about this beautiful culture through Spanish festivals that are held around the year to celebrate distinct cultural attributes. You can also learn the beautiful languages spoken in Spain, the main one being Spanish. Catalan, Galician and Basque are the other languages spoken in Spain that you may be interested in.


7.       Mediterranean diet

This diet mainly consists of fresh vegetables, and fruit, among other unprocessed food free of fat and sugars. This is a healthy diet and it is no wonder that people who live in Spain and follow this diet live long. There are weekly markets where fresh products straight from the farms are made available.

On such days, you can always visit the market and stock up on your weekly supply of fruit, vegetables, and grains. The Mediterranean diet has been in existence since the beginning of time and the same has been consistently observed even after modernization has led to the emergence of fast foods most of which are quite unhealthy.

8.       Climate and beaches

Costa del sol comes to mind when speaking of beaches in Spain. With 320 days of sunshine every year, Costa del sol is one of the most popular holiday destinations because of its fascinating beaches that are located along the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

This aside, the Balearic Islands are equally breathtaking destinations, also famous for their charming coastline and stunning beaches. When looking for an ideal getaway location among European countries, Spain offers everything you would possibly need to have a good time. The 320 days of the sun easily qualify as one of the top reasons to move to Spain.

9.       Owning property

The process involved in purchasing a property such as a villa in Spain is quite seamless. This, therefore, makes it easy to make a foreign investment. There is also a broad range of properties that one can possess, from apartments to holiday homes. This property is also considerably affordable.

10.  Entrepreneurship

It is easy to launch and operate a business in Spain, even as a foreigner. Being self-employed grants one flexibility and independence. The largest portion of businesses operating in Spain is listed as self-employed, showing how conducive the environment is for one to own a thriving business in Spain.

11.  Ease of getting a visa

Under a couple of circumstances, getting a visa in Spain is arguably easier compared to other countries. After graduation, students can get a student visa that allows them to stay longer in Spain as they seek employment. Another type of visa that one can get is an investor visa. If you invest at least half a million Euros in a venture that has a positive impact on the country’s economy, a working visa is extended to you as well as your family.

12.  Work-life balance

Spain offers a healthy work environment. Employees receive adequate holiday time and whenever one is under the weather, they are accorded a sick leave allowing them to fully recover. Mental health is also considered in this regard. In situations of burnout, time off is extended until one is re-energized enough to resume working.

Even though the list above does not exhaustively cover all the reasons to move to Spain, it highlights all the major benefits that one would get to enjoy upon relocating. It is now clear why Spain has over time gained such an amazing reputation as an absolute country that would be fitting for everyone.


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