Real property secrets in the palm of your hand: how to find the history of a building?

The decision to buy a new property can be accompanied by pleasant excitement. When searching for a house, it is crucial to consider many aspects. For example, the availability of appropriate infrastructure: a school, kindergarten, or shops nearby.

While you’re overjoyed to have found the perfect home, it is past can unpleasantly ruin all your plans. A bad situation there may be revealed or misunderstandings with neighbors may arise.

If you decide to find out what happened a few years ago in your dream home, you have the right resources online. All you need is a few hours of spare time and the address of your property.

What does your real estate address tell you?

This year, the National Association of Realtors has compiled another report on buying real estate in the United States. According to their data, 47% of people search for housing on the Internet before contacting a realtor. Of these, 8% of people check the information about the desired home in detail themselves.

Of course, you can find out some information by Googling it. Google Maps will help with this, where you can see the details of the house and the infrastructure nearby.

Given an address, Google can provide newspaper articles about incidents that have occurred at that property.

Moreover, an available free portal that you can use is the “Archive Home Service”. On the website, you need to enter the address of the house and the period. If your house has a hundred-year history, you can find material from 1990.

In addition, to dive into the history of your real estate on the “UMSL Digital Library” portal. The trend for electronic newspapers and magazines is growing rapidly, so this portal contains information about cities and property dating back to the 1760s.

To find house history by address, you just need to make sure that the name of your street has not changed. For example, this portal provides information about the previous owners or the history of the house construction.

How to get a home history report from national resources?

The first step towards checking information is to find out if there is information about the property available online. The “Public Records Online Directory” portal contains the information you need.

To start searching, you need to select your state and enter the ZIP code of the city. The portal provides information on:

  1.  Previous owners of the house.
  2. History of real estate sales.
  3. Detailed tax information.
  4. Changes in the area of the property.

The benefit of checking online portals is that they can give proven information. History of the property by address is obtained from official government portals and is therefore reliable.

Detailed information about your house is available on the official portal “The Home of the U.S. Government’s Open Data”. The site contains more than 20 thousand data points, including your property. Choose a city in the state and search for information by parameters.

Home history report from the archives.

Reddit often features stories of people talking about the greatness of the house they live in. When there is no way to find out what events the house witnessed, the question arises: “How to find the history of a property online?”.

In this case, the “Library and Research Center” portal may contain answers to the question. Click on the “Online Research” tab and then choose the category you need.

For example, it can be an archive, construction photos, or the history of your property. Perhaps your house belongs to a place of material cultural heritage? In this case, “The National Register of Historic Places” keeps separate information about such properties.

To be listed, a building must be at least 50 years old and look like it did when it was built. If you find it in the registry, you will get detailed information about historical events that took place here, the previous owners of your house, and the history of the landscape.

How to make a detailed house search history?

The information is collected in one portal. By using “Rehold”, you can get property history to an address for free.

To save you time, in “Rehold” have collected an updated large database of public and private records. Using the portal, you have the opportunity to find out about future neighbors and detailed information about the previous owner of the house.

Before you get the keys to a new property, you need to carry on different aspects. To make a process less stressful, with the help of “Rehold” we can help with the verification of information before purchase.

 In addition, with advanced search, you can get information about criminal records or relatives of current residents.

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