Rap from Sweden: This is Prop Dylan



Rap is one of the most popular music genres around, especially the younger generations like to associate themselves with their favorite artists and their lyrics.

But the art form of rap is also becoming increasingly popular among older people. In general, it seems that the 40+ generation is becoming more and more relaxed and modern. They gamble at casino777.ch, they use smartphones and they listen to rappers like Prop Dylan. The Swedish cult star has long been a household name not only in the hip youth scene, he has become the symbol of English rap and rightly so.

The rapper with a penchant for debauched tours

Prop Dylan has made a name for himself in the international rapper scene since his debut album in 2007. After quickly winning the hearts of fans in Sweden and being declared one of the most talented Scandinavian rappers with his album “A Garbage Pail Kid,” he quickly started touring as well.

Everything changed for Prop in 2007, because the hype around his person, the frenetic cheers of the fans, all this was new for the young rapper who wanted to put himself in the spotlight with his art. A break because of the success was unthinkable for him, shortly after he conquered the charts with the first album, he worked on his second release. In May 2009, the time had come, Crossing the Bridge again conquered the hearts of Swedish rap fans.

However, studio work was not enough for him, he decided to go on tour and has already been successful on four continents. At more than 500 different shows he performed in North America, Asia, Central America and Europe, thrilling his fans and managing to prove his musical talent outside Sweden. He did not always perform alone, well-known artists like Looptroop Rockers, Talib Kweli and DJ Premier took him on tour.

Collaboration with DJ Premiere provided further upswing

Prop Dylan not only has a professional collaboration with DJ Premiere, the two exceptional artists also get along very well in private. Already in 2010 they began to work together on the creation of Prop Dylan’s third album, which was released under the title The Cardinal Sin. At the end of 2010, the song Shock & Amaze was recorded in Manhattan, and a year later it was voted the third best song by DJ Premier.

The cooperation between the two artists strengthened Prop’s tailwind in particular, because with DJ Premier by his side, not much could go wrong.

In the rap scene, the fear of the third album is great, because often a flop threatens just here. Prop trusted in DJ Premier and did himself a great service. “The Cardinal Sin” became another success and was able to earn high quality reviews in renowned magazines. At the Dalecarlia Music Awards in 2014, there was finally an official award. Prop’s third album was declared “Album of the Year”.

Just before Corona released fourth studio album

The Corona pandemic caused problems for many artists, but when Prop released his fourth solo album, To Whom It May Concern, in 2019, he wasn’t thinking about it yet. He had just finished an exciting European tour with sold-out shows and Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. His fourth album was again a success, and even though Prop was unable to perform for two years, his love for music did not change during that time.

Instead of resting on his laurels so far, Prop took advantage of the pandemic period to launch the next album. A first single release has already been released under the title “Bushido Code”, and the feature album will probably follow sometime in 2022. His partner? Mr. Apollo Brown, one of the greatest rappers of his time.

How Prop Dylan became a musician

That he would one day earn his money with rap music was not yet clear to Prop in his childhood. He grew up in Borlänge, a small industrial town in Sweden. Many of the inhabitants find their work in the steelworks there, but not Dylan. For him, music became an important issue in his youth and he quickly managed to make a name for himself as a rapper in his homeland.

One of the reasons for his success is his talent for writing lyrics. All his songs come from his own pen. Especially with his 4th album, he processes parts of his childhood and youth. In his lyrics he takes listeners on a journey and at the same time scores with his talent for exceptional rap songs. Born in May 1983, the Swede always manages to convey messages to his fans at his numerous concerts without using the fecal language typical in the rap industry.

The rapper with the deep lyrics

Unjustly, rap is repeatedly referred to as sung fecal language. Prop Dylan shows that it can be done differently. He is not concerned with denouncing women, insulting mothers of his colleagues or carrying hatred into the world, but with writing profound lyrics. Quite often it is his dreams, his personal life experiences and his fears that are the core of his songs. Deep messages that also make his fans think are his strength. He does not think much of so-called hate-speak, a way of speaking in the rap scene that attracts attention mainly through vicious statements and phrases.

Dylan is also no friend of the mutual hate raps with which many rappers show each other up again and again. His love for music consists in the passion to compose songs and to underlay them with the appropriate beats. He doesn’t need scandals to spread his fame. It is his special personality that has made him famous far beyond Europe. Whether in East Germany or America, wherever Dylan travels, concert halls are sold out.

It’s not just him alone, but his collaborations with other rap greats and musicians that keep the buzz around Dylan going. He is refreshingly different from many well-known rappers, because he does not rely on scandals to become famous, he loves his music and nothing else he wants to bring to the man and woman.

His popularity stems not least from his humane articulation, the profundity of his lyrics and his ability to draw all his listeners into a spell of music.

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