Quelin Sepulveda

Bright, bubbly, and full of infectious positivity, Quelin Sepulveda was the perfect choice to play the angel Muriel in Prime Video’s Good Omens season 2

When speaking with her, she exudes a confidence and energy that’s palpable. Her warm nature makes you feel right at ease like you’re catching up with a friend — a quality on par with playing an angel. The up-and-coming actress jumped for joy in her trailer when she found out she got the role. And who could blame her? So, in between filming, she took it upon herself to binge the show and prepare. But nothing could have prepared her for the outpouring of love for the character. Travelling to New York Comic-Con and doing press for the show opened her eyes to the reality of fandom. Humble and gracious, Quelin is happy to be along for the ride.

The sense of play that Quelin inherited at LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) comes across in Muriel. The angel has an innocence to them, that is refreshing and is a welcome addition to the already colourful cast of characters. Funnily, art imitates life, as Muriel and Quelin’s journeys both parallel each other. New to the world of entertainment and new to the world itself. For Quelin, the entirety of the Good Omens experience has been a whirlwind. Working with the likes of David Tennent and Michael Sheen was a dream come true, and keeping the inner fangirl at bay was a difficult task. But she handled it with grace and humour, taking everything in its stride.

In conversation with 1883 Magazine’s Dana Reboe, Quelin Sepulveda talks about jumping to the world of Good Omens season 2her first experience at New York Comic-Con, and what her favourite anime is.


Let’s wind the clock back a little and talk about when you first got into LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) and what that meant to you.

Oh, gosh, yeah let’s wind it back [laughter]. It was so crazy because I had been trying to get into drama school for a few years on and off. I didn’t know anybody in the industry. My parents aren’t actors or anything like that. I would get these auditions, and not knowing what I’m doing. When I went to audition for them, I got on the waiting list. I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ So, then I accepted my place at the Central School of Speech and started my course. I was three weeks in, and LAMDA called me. It was my dream school! They said: ‘Somebody dropped out, would you want to start next week?’ It was honestly crazy.


What’s something you learned during your time there that stuck with you? Do you have a favourite memory? Or something that just sticks out?

I think what I took with me is the sense of play. Sometimes you can lose yourself when you first step into the industry. It keeps me from feeling intimidated or getting in my head about things. 


You did the press junket for Good Omens a couple of days ago! What was that experience like for you? 

It was relentless [both laugh]. I had no idea what was going to happen, you know? But I had the best time. I was paired up with Liz Carr, Shelley Conn, and all the interviews were lovely. Everyone is just so excited for the season. It was a great time!



Jumping into Good Omens, can you talk about the moment you booked it?

When I booked it, I was in Cardiff. I was doing night shoots for a film called Havoc. My mind was all over the place! When I got the call, it was 4 pm so my day had just started. I was in my PJs when I picked up the phone, my agent was like: ‘They want you!’ And I started doing a little dance! I was so excited because, you know, I’d been doing stunts for the last month; it was (Havoc) a completely different genre and experience. I just wanted something quirky and fun. I was over the moon. 


That’s amazing! Had you watched the first series before getting the role?

I knew about the show and Neil Gaiman. I’ve got Ocean at the End of the Lane, which he signed for me at New York Comic Con last year. I was so embarrassed. Everyone had Good Omens, but I was like: ‘Neil, this is my favourite book of yours, can you please sign it?’ [laughs] I watched the first episode when I got the audition during my night shoots. I was with my boyfriend, we sat down and ordered Five Guys and watched it. And within the first 10 minutes, I just went: ‘This is crazy. Madness. So, I binged it between filming in my trailer. It was great. 


It’s a great series to binge-watch! Thankfully for season 2, we were able to get advanced screeners, so I went through it unhealthy fast. I love how the show is going off-book to continue the story and introduce us to new characters. Muriel is such a sunshine character and basically, joy personified. I absolutely adore them. Where did you pull inspiration from for them?

Honestly, the source material and the script. It’s all there for you. When Neil writes, it’s just so vivid on the page. There was so much to go off of. It was tuning into her innocence. She’s so pure. So genuine, you know what I mean? She means well. It was kind of like getting back in touch with a childlike sensibility for the world and their surroundings and enjoying that experience.


I enjoyed how Aziraphale and Muriel’s stories parallel each other. Aziraphale is disillusioned; he’s fallen from grace because he understands how Heaven functions and the smoke screen is gone. He questions their decisions and even pushes back eventually. Muriel is right at the beginning of her journey and still has her blinders on in some respect. 

We spoke about that when Greenroom! 



Yeah! Within the first couple of days of shooting. The first thing we filmed was the bookshop scene, where Muriel rocks up. Aziraphale already knows what this is, but he entertains it for their benefit. Only because there was a part of him that was like this at some point.


What do you think Muriel’s first thoughts were when she lays eyes on Aziraphale and Crowley?

Oh, Aziraphale is a rock star to them! [laughter] Because I feel like they’ve been so curious about Earth and this dimension that has all these objects and things. Aziraphale has been on Earth for so long — they’ve been involved in so many of the key moments of creation and everything that I think Muriel is just in awe. As for Crowley, she’s skeptical and has her guard up. She’s scared but is also: ‘Oh, so this is what a demon is like. I don’t trust him, but I also have to listen to him. He’s not what I thought he would be.’



What is your most memorable moment from the set? 

I mean, there were quite a few milestone moments. But one of them was the bookshop scene right at the beginning. It was my first day on set and it was my first time trying on the costume. The set was huge and stunning. It was so beautiful. David and Michael, they give you 100% all the time. It’s their show, but they don’t make it feel like that at all. It was so welcoming. When did I get to act with both of them? I mean, these are two people that I’d seen on my screen for such a long time. I was trying hard not to go: ‘Oh my God!’ Equally, interacting with these two characters, that are so well-loved for so many years? It was such a privilege. 


When the new series was announced at New York Comic-Con, was that your first experience at a convention? Had you been to one before?

It was a baptism by fire in the best way. [laughter] I think I’ve been, lucky, that my introduction to the press and my introduction to that environment was with Nina (Sosanya) and Maggie (Service). We got along so well. I was in New York? I mean, what’s not to love about New York City? Neil (Gaiman) was there and Douglas (MacKinnon), so I felt supported. They said: ‘Quelin, if ever you feel like you’re in a little bit of a pickle, just look at Neil. He’ll take the reins!’ Iit was wonderful. I didn’t get to experience the con itself, unfortunately. It was just in for the panel and signing. But it was the first time watching the bookshop scene with an audience and getting that instant feedback. I was seeing it for the first time, too! I would hear them (the audience) laugh and engage with the character. The whole time, I’d been holding her close, so it was amazing to finally share her. When they turned on the lights it hit me just how many people were there. It was a blessing. 


I have to ask: have you seen the fanart of Muriel online?

Yeah! It started right after Comic-Con! I couldn’t believe people were already making fan art of her based on that clip! It’s been amazing and so nice and kind of surreal in the best of ways. You know, you work on something and just want people to love it.


I think Muriel is going to be a fan favourite for sure. Switching it up a little: what are you watching right now? Do you have a favourite genre you gravitate to? 

I’m a sci-fi girl.


Who doesn’t love a good bit of science fiction? 

People, please cast me in a sci-fi. I’d love it. It’s a genre that has such a wide scope. You can have something like Arrival or something like Predator, you know? I do like a good thriller, too. Obviously, in terms of shows, I binged Succession and I finished it and I was like: ‘What am I supposed to do now?’ So, I’ve gone the other way. [laughter] Now I’m watching My Hero Academia. 


So then, what’s your favourite anime? I’m putting you on the spot.

Anime is such a gateway because you’re introduced to so much. But I’ve made so many people watch and read Death Note. It’s one I’ve re-watched so many times. I love to rewatch shows because sometimes I just need something that I know. I’m here for those 20-minute episodes. Also, Attack on Titan is one we rewatch. That pilot is one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen in my life. It jumps right into it.


Agreed! Have you watched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? That’s a fan favourite.

Yes! It’s annoying really, how an animation can make you cry on a random Sunday afternoon. [laughter]


Turning to Instagram, there’s a photo of you with Luis Guzman and the cast of Havoc. Can you take me back to that day?

Yeah, we sang “Push It!” by Salt-N-Pepa together! We did that. I did that with Luis Guzman. Do you understand what this means to a Latin American actor? We did a karaoke and hamburger night. Luis, who plays my uncle in Havoc, is just what you think he’s going to be like in real life. He’s everyone’s uncle. He rocks up on set. He talks to everyone. He’s cracking jokes. He’s been doing this for so long. He looked out for me and always had my back. It was a wonderful experience. Eevery once in a while, he’ll FaceTime me! I almost saw him at New York Comic-Con because he was there for Wednesday but we just missed each other. But next time! 


What inspires you daily?

What inspires me? Honestly, this is going to sound cheesy, but my parents and my boyfriend inspire me. I think it’s because they acknowledge things that might be difficult or and they work with it. They constantly own it and move on. They’re so supportive and so encouraging. I think seeing them take care of business constantly inspires me to ask how can I take ownership of myself. Also, I’ve got so many friends constantly writing and they’re creating, and it’s inspiring. If they can do it, I can do it too! 


What’s next for you? That you can talk about and won’t get either of us into trouble? [laughter]

The next thing is Havoc. We don’t have a specific date yet. But I’m excited about that. There is something else very different to Good Omens but I’m not at liberty to say at the moment, but I’m looking forward to it! 


Finally, what is a piece of advice you’d give to your younger self? Knowing everything you do now?

You can spend your teenage years sometimes wallowing. It’s easy to stay in that mindset. Because all that negativity is people just hanging their projections on you and that’s got nothing to do with you. So, own who you are embrace who you are and forget the rest.


This shoot and interview was undertaken pre union strikes.


All six episodes of Good Omens Season 2 will be released exclusively on Prime Video today in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.


Interview Dana Reboe

Photography Joseph Sinclair

Styling Charlotte Roberts

Hair & Makeup Alexis Day

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