On Tour with Prima Queen at SXSW

Transatlantic indie/alt-rock duo Prima Queen heads to SXSW.

From unveiling their highly anticipated debut EP Not The Baby to dazzling audiences at SXSW, i’s been a busy start to 2023 for indie alt-rock band Prima Queen. Weaving cathartic lyrics, nostalgia-inducing storytelling with poignant and powerful sonics, Prima Queen has crafted an entirely new space within the indie genre. Although they may follow in the footsteps of Phoebe Bridgers, Haim, and Jenny Lewis, there’s something unique about the pair, consisting of Louise Macphail from Bristol and Kristin McFadden from Chicago. Their deft approach to their music is equal parts eclectic and ethereal.

The EP is a sonic sprawl, touching on everything from coming-of-age to the intricate pain that comes when you hurt someone else. That emotional journey is something audiences at South By Southwest experienced a few weeks back when Prima Queen jumped over the Atlantic to play for audiences.

On the heels of their SXSW journey, indie alt-rock duo Prima Queen share an exclusive photo diary with 1883 Magazine.


We went to the famous Allen’s boots and it blew our minds.


We realised the boots were a bit out of our price range and then panicked when we couldn’t get them off.


We played 6 shows in four days and our favourite was probably our gig at the British Music Embassy for Licks mag.


We met a real life cowboy! His name was Samuel Grey Horse and we liked his horse.


This is the exact spot where we spotted Phoebe Bridgers walking down the road. We were heartbroken when we found out that we’d missed the secret boygenius show at the airport.


Prima Queen’s debut EP Not The Baby is out May 3rd.


Photography Camille Bagnani

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