Prepaway – Tips to Passing 200-150 DCICN Exam Easily

The Cisco certification program for IT specialists contains various paths which include: Cloud, Collaboration, Cyber Security, Data Center, Design, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Service Provider, and Wireless.

Credentials following these paths are offered at different levels of expertise. The program starts at the entry level, advances to the associate and professional levels, and finishes with the expert and architect levels which are considered the highest.

Most of the popular Cisco certifications are found at the associate level. In this paper, you will find some details about the associate-level CCNA Data Center credential. This certification validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills ininstalling, configuring, and maintaining data center technologies.

To obtain the CCNA Data Center credential, one has to pass the Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) 200-150 exam and the Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies (DCICT) 200-155 exam. Below we will focus on 200-150 DCICN test so that you can see how the Cisco certification process works.

200-150 DCICN Exam Details

This exam lasts for 90 minutes and contains about 55–65 questions. Candidates who pass this test complete the first step to obtaining the CCNA Data Center certification. It is available only in the English language.

The following are the topics that candidates should expect to find in 200-150 exam. The percentages show the weights carried by the topics.

  1. Data Center Physical Infrastructure (15%)
  • Different types of cabling
  • Different types of transceivers
  • Physical components of the server and basic troubleshooting
  1. Basic Data Center Networking Concepts (23%)
  • Comparison of the TCP/IP and OSI models
  • Basic configuration and switching concepts
  1. Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts (23%)
  • Basic operations related to routing
  • Comparison of data center architectures
  • Basic concepts of authentication, accounting, and authorization
  1. Basic Data Center Storage (19%)
  • A VSAN’s purpose
  • Models of block based storage protocols
  • The types of FC/FCoE ports
  1. Advanced Data Center Storage (20%)
  • Concepts of FCoE operations
  • Zone types
  • Communication between the target and initiator

Question Formats

You will meet a variety of question formats while taking 200-150 exam. Readthe list below and you will find out what you will encounter:

  • Multiple-choice questions with a single answer

In this type of questions, several options are provided, and you are expected to choose only one. This is done by clicking the button beside your answer.

  • Multiple-choice questions with multiple answers

Here, several options are provided, and you should choose a particular number of answers as directed by the question. This is done by checking the small boxes beside your chosen answers.

  • Drag-and-drop

This involves dragging an item to an appropriate drop zone. The numberof options may not correspondto the number of drop zones.

  • Fill-in-the-blank

Here, a text box is provided where you should type your answer. Clicking inside the box activates the cursor and enables you to type your answer.

  • Testlet

In testlets, you will find a description of a scenario inan upper window and multiple-choice questions in the lower window. These questions are based on the information contained in the scenario and they may be answered in any order.

  • Simulation

This type of questions implies that you will work with router simulations. The problem statement in the top window describes the task you should perform. A navigation window that helps you move through the task is found on the left. The routertopology is found on the main window. It is from here that you can open the router interface of a host and solve the task. The router interface is opened by clicking on a dotted serial cable attached to a host.

  • Simlet

In simlet questions, you will also find simulations. The questions are listedat the top area of the window. Clicking on a number displaysthe associated question. A tooltip window is also available for easy navigation through the task. The main window shows the network topology and allows you to open a routerinterface to solve the task.

Exam Preparation Tips

For you to prepare for 200-150 DCICN exam, Cisco offers a number of options to support you. They have a store where you can access materials for a self-paced study experience and instructor-led training. In the case ofthe instructor-led training, you can enrollina classroom program which will allow you to interact with your instructor and other candidates. Cisco also offers practice tests to help you familiarize with the exam pattern. At the Cisco Press website, you can download all officially authorized Cisco content.

The preparation methods outlined above are those offered by Cisco. However, another effective way to prepare for 200-150 exam is by using exam dumps. Dumps are especially useful when you are limited in terms of study time. There are many sources of exam dumps, but not all of them are trustworthy. To save you from the difficulty of finding a trusted source, we recommend PrepAway. At the PrepAway website, you will find up-to-date dumps that are specially compiled to give you an easy preparation experience.


Obtaining the CCNA Data Center credential is a sure way to advance your skills and grow your career. This will bring many benefits to you in addition to attracting a higher salary. 200-150 DCICN exam described here will be much easier to pass now when you know about PrepAway dumps. A better career in the Data Center sphere starts when you make the step towards obtaining the CCNA Data Center certification!

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