Prada Highlights Understated Elegance in S/S 2024 Campaign and Eyewear

After the logomania that dominated the luxury fashion industry for years, Prada’s Spring/Summer 2024 campaign is embracing a subtle shift towards ‘quiet luxury.’ Characterized by understated elegance and refined consumption, this fashion movement prioritizes impeccable craftsmanship and minimalist pieces with timeless appeal. In a Forbes article on quiet luxury, Thomas Serrano, CEO of luxury boutique agency Exclamation Group, highlights that this trend is all about showcasing a brand’s confidence by eliminating excessive branding. Instead, the brand trusts that its inherent DNA will shine through.

Prada is highlighting this confidence by unveiling a collection that seamlessly marries sophistication with simplicity. This is a reflection of the discerning tastes of contemporary consumers who increasingly gravitate towards the allure of understated luxury. Let’s take a look at how Prada is redefining the narrative of opulence and, in doing so, proving that true luxury often speaks in whispers. 

A collection that underscores fluidity

Returning to its roots, the S/S 2024 runway show was held in the Desposito of the Fondazione Prada, which is located in an industrial complex on the southern edge of Milan. This is an unsurprising choice considering Milan’s reputation as a fashion capital housing iconic shopping districts like Zona Montenapoleone and Via Della Spiga and the city being the birthplace of Prada itself. 

Designed by co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the womenswear collection straddles the line between delicate structures and extreme silhouettes. Standout pieces include ethereal shift dresses with trailing organza, capturing attention akin to a dandelion swept away by the wind. Fringe belts in rich colors, from deep burgundy to tinsel-like gold and silver, add flair, foreshadowing future fashion week trends. 

Beyond the editorial appeal, Barbour-inspired jackets, floral-printed fringe blouses, and impeccably tailored trousers and tap-shorts from the men’s collection reveal Prada’s foresight in catering to the diverse desires of their devoted clientele. The collection not only meets but exceeds expectations, reinforcing Prada’s reputation for delivering ensembles that resonate with consumers around the globe. 

Eyewear that redefines contemporary fashion

Mirroring the fluidity and form of Prada’s latest apparel, the new eyewear collection is distinctive not only for its high-quality standards but also for its forward-thinking approach to style. The collection featured sunglasses and spectacles molded in nylon, which hint at future trends while respecting past designs. A notable piece was the Runway Sunglasses, an ultra-light semi-rimless frame with soft curves and openings combined with flat, round lenses. 

There are other Prada glasses that are just as sophisticated as the ones unveiled on the catwalk. Through reputable online retailers, you’ll find the Prada PR 18WV, which has a dramatic cat-eye shape. Crafted in hypoallergenic plastic that’s lightweight and durable, they’re ideal for everyday fashion. For those seeking frames that highlight quiet luxury, the Prada PR 64YV in Silver-Wisteria features an elegant round silhouette with a single bridge that’s perfect for minimalists. 

A star-studded visual experience

As for the Italian fashion house’s latest visuals, the campaign was skillfully captured by the established fashion photographer Willy Vaderperre. Taking center stage for the photographs were celebrated models like Rianne Van Rompaey and Anok Yai, alongside celebrities Harris Dickinson, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Troye Sivan. Staying on theme, the visuals focused on timeless fashion pieces like leather Prada bags and the unifying power of style in fostering a community of individuality. Vanderperre portrayed each figure as a protagonist in their own narrative, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to a greater purpose beyond fleeting fashion trends. 

The campaign underscores Prada’s dedication to crafting pieces meant to be more than just clothing. These are pieces that aim to be lived and felt, aligning with the wearer’s individuality. With this collection, Prada reconceptualizes elegance, framing it as a dynamic shared encounter that encourages us to interact with fashion as a means of expressing our truest selves.

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