Our Top Picks for Apple Watch Ultra Bands in Spring 2023

Several months after its release, the market is teeming with bands tailored for the Apple Watch Ultra. Here, we present our favorite selections from both Apple and third-party manufacturers, catering to various scenarios.

While bands meant for larger Apple Watch sizes can fit the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s important to note that the sport-focused Apple Watch Ultra boasts a slightly modified body, leading to a few bands not aligning perfectly or aesthetically with its titanium construction.

Over seven months have passed since the watch’s debut on store shelves, and now, manufacturers are unveiling bands specifically designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, meeting its unique requirements.

Let’s begin by spotlighting Apple’s own first-party solution, launched alongside the Apple Watch Ultra. These task-oriented bands feature titanium hardware that seamlessly integrates with the premium wearable.


Best Apple Watch Ultra Band for Water Activities — Apple Ocean Band

The Ocean band is an excellent choice for aquatic pursuits such as SCUBA diving. Constructed from stretchy rubber, it’s easily adjustable to fit over wetsuits. Adorned with titanium lugs and a NATO-inspired clasp of the same luxurious metal, this band exhibits an adjustable loop for the overhanging band. This loop contains a spring mechanism, allowing easy adjustment and ensuring a secure fit. The band’s design facilitates swift drainage and quick drying after water-related activities.


Best Apple Watch Ultra Band for Outdoor Use — Alpine Loop

The Alpine Loop targets outdoor enthusiasts, boasting a climbing-inspired design reminiscent of technical backpacks or rock climbing harnesses. Apple employs a custom S-clip to securely fasten the band, which is a single piece equipped with multiple loops, ensuring exceptional adjustability. With appealing color options like dark green and vivid orange to complement the International Orange Action button on the watch, the Alpine Loop is tailored for adventurers.


Trail Loop

Apple’s last offering, designed primarily for runners, is the Trail Loop. Crafted with a lightweight design, this band appeals to those with an active lifestyle. Similar to the previous bands, it’s a single piece secured by hook and loop closures that can be adjusted at any point along the strap. It incorporates a large pull tab for hassle-free adjustments while on the move. Our chosen version features a black-on-grey look with a vibrant orange pull tab, paying homage to the accompanying watch.


Leather Link

Apart from Apple’s official bands, a host of other bands can be used with the Apple Watch Ultra. Bands sized at 42mm, 44mm, or 45mm should theoretically fit. Two bands, in particular, resonated well with the Apple Watch Ultra, starting with the Leather Link. Despite the watch’s sporty nature, the Leather Link rapidly became a favorite due to its ability to elevate the watch’s appearance for formal settings. Its magnetic closure offers easy adjustability and boasts remarkable security and durability compared to third-party options.


Stainless Steel Link

Lastly, the stainless steel link band from Apple is a compelling choice. Despite being steel rather than titanium, it complements the Apple Watch Ultra seamlessly. The slight difference in finishes between the watch and band is subtle and barely noticeable. Apple’s engineering prowess is evident in this band, featuring a unique mechanism for removing links. The absence of traditional holes on the links is replaced with discreet buttons on the back that effortlessly release the links.


Best Apple Watch Ultra Band for Style — Nomad Titanium Band

Among third-party offerings, Nomad’s titanium band takes the spotlight. While introduced before the Apple Watch Ultra’s release, its popularity led to an immediate sell-out. Nomad offers both steel and titanium versions, with the latter perfectly complementing the watch. These custom links and clasp boast a modern design, distinct from standard metal bands. A tool is included for quick link adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit.


Best Matching Design Apple Watch Ultra Band — Sandmarc Titanium Band

Sandmarc stands out as the sole provider of custom bands introduced after the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. Their titanium band, tailored exclusively for the Apple Watch Ultra, matches the watch’s curvature and exudes a classic appearance. Constructed from titanium, it remains lightweight while adhering to the watch’s premium nature. The standard butterfly clasp, while commonplace, slightly detracts from comfort over extended wear.


Nomad Sport Band

For those inclined towards sporty choices, Nomad’s Sport Band is an excellent option. Utilizing fluoroelastomer material for flexibility and comfort, this band features channels on the underside for breathability. The custom metal hardware for the clasp ensures durability. For the Apple Watch Ultra, Nomad introduces an Ultra Orange option, perfectly aligning with the International Orange Action Button.

In the world of Apple Watch Ultra bands, there’s a wide array of choices to match every style, activity, and occasion. Whether you prioritize function, fashion, or a blend of both, there’s undoubtedly a band out there that will seamlessly complement your Apple Watch Ultra.

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