Online Casinos: Entertainment or a Way to Make Money?

Gambling is as old as humankind. Ever since the first Neanderthal challenged their friend to a bet on who can run the fastest, human beings can’t resist the opportunity to win something. May it be beads, coins, buttons, or substantial amounts with the power to turn one’s life upside down — we love to bet.

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Betting was described in the Indian Ramayana, and a major public health concern in Rome, just like it is today. The Bible preaches against quick money schemes and warns that “easy come, easy go”, but is it possible to get rich while gambling? It all depends on who you ask.

The Main Purpose of Gambling is Entertainment

Despite being an activity heavily focused on money, gambling is still a form of entertainment. Online casinos offer great deals, such as the hitnspin no dep, to help players get familiar with their repertoire and find the games that would suit their preferences. Also, let’s not forget the creative power force that makes the games happen:

  • Online gamblers of the 21st century prefer modern, fresh-looking slots with brilliant graphics;
  • They expect polished soundtracks worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster;
  • Online casino fans enjoy intriguing storylines that could serve as a plot of a movie.

Of course, simple cherry machines still have their fans, but even such slots are becoming more elaborate. Jackpots, bonus features, free spins, nudges, and all other types of extras are added to entertain the player for as long as possible.

Online slot machines of the 21st century are not ordinary games, but digital masterpieces that often address certain trends, the political climate, events, or people. If someone watches a Christmas film, why not play Christmas slot machines, instead? It’s all for good fun!

Or Perhaps We Gamble to Make Money?

And now, back to the financial element. Online casino games have the potential to deliver extraordinary prizes, typically reaching millions of dollars or euros. For many, that is an offer they can’t refuse. Besides, it is possible to win a massive prize for no more than a couple of coins. Sounds rather promising.

In popular culture, the word gambler is associated with affluent lifestyles, hustlers and highly intelligent individuals that know how to “beat the system”. Gamblers often feed on the idea they are “the chosen ones” who will get rich.

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The wish to win money is in direct clash with the ancient saying that the house always wins. The truth is, the house doesn’t always win, but it does win enough times to keep the business running. It prospers on the losing bets, yet that doesn’t mean casino games are rigged, at least not in legal casino online sites.

Those focusing on money must know how not every game gives them the same odds against the house. For instance, video poker and blackjack are known as money-making games, as players can, with a little bit of skill and research, reduce the odds to 0.5%. On the other hand, vibrant slot games can have different odds, from 1:5,000 to 1 to 34 million.

Dangers of Focusing on Money Rather than on Entertainment in Gambling?

When playing for money, Gamblers always look up to big names like Doyle Brunson or Daniel Negreanu. Some of them even watch their favorite athletes or celebrities such as Michael Jordan or Drake gamble and decide to take steps to generate as much fortune as A-listers do. However, there is a danger lurking around the corner.

Playing for money instead of having a good time is the first step towards gambling addiction. Such players often chase losses, bet more than they can objectively afford, and tend to lose themselves to the game. Those who do it for entertainment purposes, regularly have a strict budget and time slots when they can enjoy casino games. They consider it a hobby, rather than a source of income.

The main problem is that the former often neglect their other financial obligations, only because of the dream of winning big. And while there is nothing wrong in hoping for the best, putting money first is much more dangerous than casual gambling for the fun’s sake.

Having Fun Should Be in the First Place

Winning is always exciting, making money out of your favorite pastime is even better, but if you are gambling only to win and get rich, you are probably going to have a bad time. Sometimes players win, sometimes they lose, but as long as they are in it to have a good time, they are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

So, unless you are Billy Walters or Phil Ivey, remember why you started playing in the first place. Focus on the beauty of the game, and the success will come eventually,

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