Online Casino Lobbies Explained Simply

Casino lobbies, also known as homepages, are often seen as nothing more than landing pages when you first sign into your account or visit a casino. There is often a lot more to them than that, though. For instance, a decent casino lobby will allow you rapid access to customer support, the ability to change languages, provide rapid access to a navigational menu where you can head to your account settings, banking pages and more. There are also a few other things that you can find in casino lobbies. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of decent casino homepages right here.


Casino Lobby or Games Lobby?

You may have visited an online casino and found virtually nothing there. This isn’t often the case, though. Most casino lobbies are home to a few casino games. On those pages, you can regularly find a host of games, perhaps even some genres of games, ready and waiting for you. What you see may not necessarily be the entire collection, though, as you will see next.

An Incomplete Collection

Many top casinos choose to display just a few of their titles in the lobby. After all, casinos with thousands of online slots for you to choose from can’t possibly host them all in the lobby. Some do, and this rapidly becomes tedious for players, having to scroll through endless lists just to reach the bottom navigational menu. Therefore, many casinos tend to have a “games” button, where you can use filters to browse a more extensive library of titles. What you see in the lobby is often not the complete collection supported at a casino.

Beware of Recommended Games

While perusing the games in a lobby, you may wish to pay attention to the recommended games section. In some cases, they may only be games that the casino wants you to play. They may not represent the best titles on the site. They may have low RTPs. In short, you should always question “why” these games are recommended and by whom.

Hot and Popular Games

Hot implies popular, yes? Well, not always. Casinos love to advertise hot and popular games, but are they really? Over the last few years, slots such as Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead or the many MegaWays slots out there have proven popular and hot with players. If your casino lobby is packed with titles that you’ve never heard of, they are unlikely to be “hot” or “popular”.

Winnings May Not Have Occurred In-House

Some casinos advertise what players have won in their lobbies. This can sometimes be misleading, too. For instance, we’ve seen instances of sites advertising wins at their sister sites, thinking that because they run on the same network that this is okay. Moreover, we’ve seen old and outdated wins represented. In short, pay this information no mind.

Latest Bonuses and Promos Explained

Finally, the very best casino lobbies should have their most attractive promos, and bonuses highlighted. Some casinos only display their welcome bonus here. That’ll do you no good once you’ve signed up. You want the hottest regularly occurring promos to be shown on scrollbars, not ones which aren’t relevant after you’ve signed up.

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