Online Betting Compare To Live Betting

The relentless technological growth keeps shaping the face of the sports betting industry into what we currently see.

Sports betting enthusiasts no longer need to attend live games at the venue to actually place a bet. People can bet from the comfort of their house just by browsing the internet from their own devices — be it a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Nowadays, online betting sites, like smartbettingguide, cover numerous sports betting games daily. Some sites even offer enticing promotions and massive prizes that help betting enthusiasts settle down the transitions from offline to online.




Those online bookmakers also provide various modes to cater to various types of players. Two of the most popular modes as of current are online sports betting and live betting. This article seeks to answer the question of how Online Betting is compared to Live Betting.

Online Betting or Live Betting?

Online Betting, in this context, refers to a more traditional sports betting model. A player places a bet on sporting events at certain times of the game, like before the game starts or during half-time. Live Betting, on the other hand, takes its root from the common online sports betting model, but bookmakers adjust the challenge by harnessing internet advancement.

Live Betting allows players to place their bets as the game rolls. This model uses live-match statistics that populate in real-time to generate a more engaging betting experience in a short period of time. Bookmakers dynamically change the odds as the game situations change.

This mode is also called in-play betting due to the nature of the game. A player can place the wager and, even, win before the game has concluded. Like traditional online betting, a player can follow the updates via live stream without having to attend the game in person.

What Are The Similarities & Differences?

Online Betting and Live Betting are not always exclusive situations. For a keen player, both models can provide a double advantage; even though focusing on one model that suits the strategy better might be the wisest decision.

In both models, bookmakers determine the odds based on the particular real-world situations surrounding a sports game. Therefore, a player’s pre-match analysis might come in handy in both models. Even, it’s possible to do both simultaneously based on the initial handicapping alone.

A thorough player might also think that both models can be complementary to each other because of their different natures. In the original online betting, a player places the wager and sees how the game unfolds. In Live Betting, the betting situation changes as the game unfolds for the good or the worse.

If a player thinks it’s a safe bet, doubling down the advantage is plausible by harnessing Live Betting as the game goes. If a player thinks the initial strategy might not work as expected, Live Betting can enter the equation as a corrective action to secure some possible win.


Both Online Betting and Live Betting allows sports betting enthusiasts to place sports bets at their fingertips. Both models can be similar in nature as they allow sports bettor to place their wagers on live sports games. However, these two can be different in the timing of the betting and the shifting odds.

Live Betting has become more popular in recent moments due to its challenging nature. A player can place the bets as the game goes, and the odds shift based on the actual event as it unfolds. These two models, however, do not necessarily become options or alternatives to each other. A player can harness both models to their own advantage due to their similarities and slight differences.



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