On Tour with Rare Americans

Following their biggest UK tour to date and the release of Act I of their new album, Rare Americans take 1883 Magazine on tour.

Nothing is too big a feat for Rare Americans. The Canadian alt-rock band had their first ever world tour last year, selling shows across the globe due to their feverish fanbase and their approach to music. Their new album, The Story of Jongo Bongo: Searching for Strawberries, is told like a story; a tale told in acts with an accompany animated musical film. The film, titled after the album, is the real life story of the band’s bassist “Jongo,” giving us insight as he shifts from the corporate life to a tried-and-true rock star.

On the heels of their biggest UK tour to date, Rare Americans takes 1883 Magazine on tour and get insight into what the road looks like for them.


Jamesy Boy of Rare Americans serenading the crowd with “Hey Sunshine” in Bristol


Q&A with fans at Electric Ballroom in Camden.


Jamesy Boy loving the London energy!


Duran Ritz (Drummer) and Jongo Bongo giving the fans some love in Manchester


Rare Americans family photo.


Header image: Jongo Bongo of Rare Americans on the Bass in Bristol.


Act I of Rare Americans new album and their animated film are both out now.

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