New online games will become popular among players?

Should you play a new slot game right after its release?

Many online casinos seek to sign agreements with leading game developers who create new and exciting slot games to keep their product range fresh. It allows players to be sure that they will always be able to find their favorite games at the casino and try something new.

When new slot machines come out, there is only one question: play immediately that Bollywood games or wait for a while. Of course, other players can check it, and developers can fix bugs unnoticed during the release. Below let’s consider in detail what option is preferable.


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How to understand if a new casino game is profitable

The game teaser appears long before the release of the game itself. Players already know for a few months what the slot will be called, the look, and the features of the game interface. Understanding how the machine will be profitable on the day of release, the description is complex.


Actions to determine the benefits of the slot

  • To understand what is a new slot machine, you need to play a few cycles of 100–150 spins in each of the demo modes. Be sure to change the bet size because the slot for a single bet of $10 or two for $5 can give completely different results.
  • It is worth seeing the percentage of returns to the player or RTP immediately. The most profitable slots have an indicator of 97%, and the greater it is, the greater the benefits on a long distance in the game. See all the characteristics of the slots and play in demo mode; you can do this in a special section on our website.
  • Playing in the demo mode, you will need to determine the two leading indicators not indicated in the game’s characteristics – variance and cycle length. New games with a progressive jackpot are best skipped. The chance of winning the jackpot is minimal, and the payout percentage will be much lower.

After all these actions, you will be able to understand how profitable the machine is, what size bet to choose, and so on.


Disadvantages of new games

  • New games always have factory problems. They are usually easy to figure out because they are often the same in many slots. If you can find such a bug quickly, it will save you a lot of money.
  • A new casino game does not have positive statistics, so the random number generator will assume that the machine is playing at 0 and make edits. It will create a situation where players won’t even have a chance to win. But on the other hand, the developers will initially want to attract new players with big winnings.
  • New games usually have a long betting cycle. The longer the cycle, the longer the money stays on the casino’s balance before being given to the player. Therefore, players’ chances of winning tend to be zero during this period.
  • However, new games often come out with bugs, and in the first days of beta-testing, the chance of failure or erroneous accrual is much higher than in already tested slots. It is worth remembering that any failure in the slot will void winnings.

The attitude of players to new slots

Online casinos constantly update their assortment with innovative slots to attract players’ attention and increase their chances of winning. But do online casino players really like new slots?

It is worth noting that every player has their style and preferences regarding slot games. Some players may be more conservative and prefer classic slots, while others are more open to new experiences and innovations. However, new slots usually find their fans.

First of all, new slots usually have better graphics and more features, which allows players to enjoy the game more. Therefore, many players seek new versions of their favorite slot machines for new features and a more profound gaming experience.

In addition, players can use new slots to have fun and get some relaxation. Slot machines with different themes, such as travel, adventure, science, and space, can spark curiosity and excitement among players who like discovering new worlds and exploring new topics.

However, some players may be more conservative and prefer traditional slot machines they already know and feel comfortable with. As a result, these players may feel hesitant about new slots they don’t know and need help understanding.

In conclusion, online casino players mostly like new slot games. These games always attract players’ attention with innovations, graphics, and winning possibilities. In addition, frequent promotions and bonuses from casino operators make new slot games even more attractive to players. Thus, casinos should always keep their product range updated and allow players to try something new and exciting.


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In conclusion, we advise you to refrain from playing new games for up to 7 weeks from the launch date. Doing so will save you money, and the machine will collect the right amount to pay players in winnings. If you want to test the online slot, try it for a start in free demo mode.

Statistics show that in recent times, new games are simply a way for any casino to make a quick profit. In the first months, the machines usually take the money and fill the payout fund without giving anything back.

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