Nail Tech Q&A: Your Go-To Nail Care Guide

Your nails are in need of a little TLC, so here you are Googling all sorts of questions like “can I get acrylics done if I bite my nails?” (a classic) or a personal fave “how to fix chipped acrylic nails?”

Now, before you drown yourself in a sea of conflicting search results, we’ve rounded up all the most Googled questions about nail care and enrolled an expert nail tech to answer all the questions you were too scared to ask in person.

From horror stories about acrylic nails damage to hot tips on how to make manicures last longer, there’s no one better to debunk nail care myths and offer expert advice than London’s hottest nail tech (and fab nail artist, too) Lisa Malbrec!

So, say goodbye to endless scrolling and second-guessing, and hello to our nail care guide for perfect manis.

Can I get acrylic nails if I bite my nails?

I would recommend a healthier way to grow your nails which is Biab. Biab is a soft gel overlay applied over the natural nails, it helps with nail growth and it can be infilled every 4 weeks.

Lisa applying acrylics

Is gel x better than acrylics?

Gel x has multiple advantages: no chemicals, amazing retention and it is much quicker to apply. Gel x also allows more time for nail art! However, gel x doesn’t fit every nail bed. Some nails require personalised extensions so acrylics work best for this and remain the more versatile option.

Are acrylics bad for your nails?

Acrylic isn’t bad for your nails, but it all depends on the technician and how you upkeep your nails. For example, does your nail tech use good products and care about the health of your nails by using the best tools and applying the right techniques? Clients also need to ensure they’re regular enough in between appointments and that they’re not ripping off their acrylics, both of which can cause damage. Nothing is bad for your nails as long as you maintain good upkeep and visit an expert nail technician.

Is biab better than acrylics?

I wouldn’t compare the two. Biab is only for natural nails so it shouldn’t be compared to acrylics.

biab nails by Lisa

How long can you keep acrylic nails?

I would recommend seeing your nail tech every 3 to 4 weeks for an infill. Otherwise damage can occur to the natural nails.

How to take off acrylic nails at home?

Cut the acrylic nails short and file them as thin as possible, but I don’t recommend using a drill if you aren’t professional! A big file will be enough, but make sure to not over file your natural nails. Next, use cotton soaked in acetone and covered in an aluminium wrap on your fingers, once they start melting you can scrape the remaining product with a cuticle pusher or you can use the file to carefully buffer away.

How to make your nail extensions last longer?

Use cuticles oil daily, and try to be as careful as possible without bumping your nails everywhere, care is everything! Also wear gloves when doing house cleaning with harsh products.

How to fix chipped acrylic nails?

 I would recommend visiting your nail tech and asking for a nail repair.

How to make professional manicure last longer?

Cuticles oil daily! You can apply it once a day in the evening before going to bed so your cuticles can soak in.

Are UV lights for nails dangerous?

UV lights can be dangerous. However, these days most of the lamps are LED which is completely safe.

How to remove cuticles safely?

Soak your nails in warm water and use a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles. Next, use a nipper (disinfected and sterilised) to cut the cuticles, but avoid going too deep and cutting yourself!

About the nail technician

Nail technician Lisa at The Bohemians Salon

My name is Lisa, I’m 24 years old and I’m obsessed with quirky nails! I started my journey as a nail technician in 2020 and really started from the bottom. I had no idea I was good at art, but it was only by trying and practising that I realised being a nail tech was my calling, and that nail art is what I wanted to specialise in. I’ve taken multiple nail courses, including taking a 3D chrome nail course with Sugamamanailz and a hand painted nail art course with Nailbandida, both in Paris. My next training is with Nailsbab in Birmingham where I’ll learn fine detail and tattoo style nail art.

Words by #GabriellaGasparini

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