Must have items for your next winter break

A winter vacation can be a perfect getaway but no matter how much you may enjoy the beautiful snow or cozy evening by the fire, you will still have to contend with freezing temperatures and gusty winds, maybe even rain and heavy snowfall. So it is important to be properly prepared so as to not ruin your idyllic winter break.



Arguably the most important item on the list is appropriate clothing. One commonly forgotten accessory is gloves, but it is essential that you have a pair handy at all times. Do your research and find the best winter gloves before you set off on your trip, it will be worth the effort!

Thermals are essential if you are going somewhere where the temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermals trap and use your own body heat to insulate you against the cold, keeping you warm and snug underneath your clothes – but be wary of overheating, and do not layer too much on top of thermals. Woolen ones work best but do your own research to find the best for you.

Scarves can often be overlooked but they are essential. You may not consider that you need to cover your neck, but the body loses heat and grows colder when there are any areas of exposed skin – you’d be surprised how much a scarf can help retain your body heat. It can also double up as protection for your nose and mouth.

A jacket with a hood is recommended but this can only do so much to protect your head from the harsh winter conditions. For added protection and help prevent your ears from freezing in the biting wind, invest in a good quality heat-retaining beanie. Keeping your head warm is important in ensuring that the rest of your body remains warm!

You might choose to layer up your socks to help keep your feet warm, which can help a little, but it does not do the same job as a good pair of winter boots. Winter boots are great insulators but they also keep your feet dry and if you get the right ones, they have a good stable grip on the soles to prevent you from slipping and sliding in the snow.



Winters are known to be notoriously dry due to the low humidity and long exposure to harsh winter elements can cause painfully chapped lips and dry skin. Lip balm and different types of moisturizers should definitely be on your packing list. Take a few lip balms in case you lose them and pack a few types of moisturizers such as body cream, facial moisturizer, and hand cream. These will all help retain moisture in your skin and prevent any uncomfortable or painful side effects.

Believe it or not, suncream is another essential for your winter break as some studies suggest that UV radiation is actually stronger during the winter months. Despite the lower temperature, the sun still shines and UV rays still batter the earth and maybe more penetrative than the UV rays we get in summer!

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