Music In Gaming: What’s Its Importance

When people play games, naturally, their focus will be on the gameplay rather than the music and sounds. But, music and sound effects are some of the most essential components for making a game what it is. And we have seen many soundtracks and the like go down on history as a result.

You could say the first role of music in gaming is setting the scene and creating the atmosphere. For example, if youre playing a spooky game, the background music will reflect this by being mysterious and jumpy, as it will make punters buy into the action more. Youre not going to be playing a scary title such as one of the instalments of Resident Evil with the music being light-hearted and bubbly because it wouldnt make the gameplay immersive.

And the same applies to other games such as handheld titles and video slots that we enjoy at any licensed online casino. For example, Super Mario games that have made their name on handheld consoles and video slots are very much in the same bracket because the music is designed to be in keeping with the fast-paced gameplay. Here, because youre not really working with storylines of sorts, the music is simple, but it keeps players on their toes and pushing forward.

Another overlooked part of music in gaming is the sound effects commonly heard when playing. And, while you could suggest that sound effects are less critical than background music, they play a crucial role across all aspects of gaming. For example, sound effects, or SFX, as they’re commonly referred to as, often signal the completion of an action or highlight something in-game.

So, if youre playing a platform game and reach a checkpoint, there may be a sound effect to represent this. Or, when youre running through stages playing Sonic and collecting gold rings, there’s a sound effect for each one you pick up. Again, the same applies to video slots, which are an increasingly popular area of gaming. Spinning the reels, finding winning combinations and triggering a feature will all come with sound effects that will alert players.

Some games have used music for entirely different reasons. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is a prime example, with multiple radio stations accessible when players drive vehicles around the open-world map. Not only have the respective radio stations and the music heard on them become iconic, they often provide indicators relating to the goings-on in-game too.

Akin to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the FIFA game series is famed for its soundtrack, one which many artists scramble to feature on. The music here provides a bit of entertainment and stimulus for players who are active in the menus at the time. For example, they could be sorting out their squad or making transfers, but the music means they will always be immersed in what they’re doing.

So, as you can see, music is incredibly important where gaming is concerned. And so are sound effects. But, it will always come down to the individual title for what role music plays, as it provides multiple benefits to different types of games.

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