MONOWHALES – Tunnel Vision – track by track

Canadian alt-pop trio MONOWHALES reflect on growing up and finding yourself on their exciting new LP, Tunnel Vision.

Since the release of their 2019 breakout single RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down) the Toronto-based group have quickly been gaining traction. The release of that single led to the independent and self-managed band to chart at no.2 on alternative radio in their home country, no easy feat. Subsequent tracks have reached the top 10 and the group dropped their debut record Daytona Beach in 2021. But as of today, vocalist Sally Shaar, guitarist Zach Zanardo and drummer Jordan Circosta have released their best work to date with their sophomore record, Tunnel Vision. A record that boasts anthemic vocals, vibrant synths, hazy guitars and more. Throughout the record, MONOWHALES look back on growing pains, fearlessness, angst, confidence, and everything in between. Yet there’s a recurring theme of self-discovery throughout the seven pop tunes.

To celebrate the release of the LP, the band penned an exclusive track-by-track article for 1883, where they delve into the meaning behind each song on the record.

Note from the band

The writing, recording and making of this album was made during a gruesome time for us. We can’t believe the time has come to finally share it with you and to be completely honest, we can’t believe we made it out alive. Same with the rest of the world though, the last few years have been brutal. We suffered greatly internally and we had to fight a lot of demons to be here today. The common thread that kept us afloat was waking up every day and chipping away at what you now get to hear. Here is “Tunnel Vision.” Thank you.



CTRL talks about the duality of control — it’s a great driving force and also a spiral into blind uses of egos. It was great to dive into this darker soundscape as it’s definitely how we were feeling at the time. The guitar part is such an evil but satisfying theme that ties all the meaning and feelings of the song together. We want you to walk down an industrial dark street in the rain strutting to this track, really feeling yourself too.



This track is one I hold really close to my heart. Leading up to the studio time, my mental health was in shambles. I barely made it to the studio alive but — the best part about this song is how even though it’s pretty intense, it was so therapeutic to record. Felt like I was screaming my lungs out and by the end, I felt better because of it. The process of recording helped heal me. Zach wrote such a short fiery guitar solo that really complemented the chaotic energy of the song. This is a song you might listen to holed up in your room, thrashing around.



This is the lead track for the album’s release and for good reason. This song’s content is very much connected to the last few years and what the pandemic culture really felt like. We felt lassoed around — screen to screen. We were being smashed in the face with contradicting information. It was absolutely exhausting to keep up with the change happening each and every second. This is a song we imagine you’re late night cruising through a city with neon lights shining on the windshield.


New Threads

This is one of the first songs written for the album. Zach was spending a lot of time in bed ruining his posture and making music all day. He felt very nostalgic about his younger years. The positive side of this nostalgia is the notion that you can also shed your skin or in this case your threads for newer ones. Brighter times, possibly better-suited friends. It’s nice to feel excited about moving forward. Imagine you have your headphones ON, bopping along down the sunny side of the street listening to this one.



This song is an anthem for the ride-or-dies out there. A song to our loved ones, friends, fans and you too! This is about the people who make you feel like a million bucks. Fun, cheeky and it reminds us a lot of the kinda rock music we listened to growing up. This song is a background to your favourite montages, whether you make those kinda things, or if they are just in your head. RICH is what you hear during your most wholesome moments.



This track is about gaining a bit more self-awareness and truly accepting yourself for who you are, your faults and all. It’s okay to be a mess, we are humans, there are no rules and staying on track is an arbitrary and rare thing. Embrace who you are and have a little fun with it. Taking yourself too seriously is so exhausting. This song is the vibe you get on a messy night out with your friends. The kind of nights you talk about years later.


Everything I Do Is A Mistake***

Hell if we all don’t feel this way sometimes!!! I know I do. And the boys in the band know it too. They wrote these lyrics with me in mind and when I heard them for the first time I thought to myself YES. Every day is a grind and it’s hard not to feel affected by it. Feels kind of cathartic to sing how much of a fuck up you feel like sometimes. The bridge was written in the studio and Jordan wrote it about all the life-ending thoughts I was having at the time. Every time I sing it now, I choke up now. I appreciate that we are a band that is deeply connected and we help each other get through the really hard times, even unspokenly in the writing of our music.


PS. We are all in a much better place now and are ecstatic for you to hear this record.
Take care of each other out there
– Sally Shaar


Tunnel Vision is out now. Follow MONOWHALES @monowhales

Intro by Cameron Poole

Photo by Kat Kwan

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