Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wished that in some alternative universe, Kurt Cobain and Christina Aguilera hooked up during a wild late-night party somewhere in the Hollywood Hills?

Well if they did then Mlbacard¡ would be the outcome, according to Mlbacard¡ at least. 

After years of hiding away in her boarding school dorm room, she has finally been able to reveal to the world via TikTok that she’s actually a secret songwriting machine. The result is debut track KETCHUP, an upbeat, foot-taping, ‘can’t get out of your head’ tune that was born out of expressing feelings of depression and possibly not getting the dog she wanted when she was 4 years old. In her own words, ‘I was pretty pissed about that’.

Having recently signed to her label, 1883 Magazine catches up with Mlbacard¡ in London to chat all things KETCHUP, her ambitions to learn the Triangle and her honest opinions of Marmite on crumpets.



First things first, how did you come up with your name Mlbacard¡ and what does it mean? 

My full name is Maria Luisa, and since I can remember I’ve called myself ML, as I’ve always felt like it’s suited me better… my teachers, friends and mother (unless irritated) have always known and called me ML, I’ve been ML my whole life. The upside-down exclamation mark could’ve been an inspiration from my prevailing Spanish roots you might think, but no… I, unfortunately, don’t speak a single word of Spanish. The upside-down exclamation mark obviously bending <the rules a bit… because that’s always more fun. 


For anybody who has never heard your music before how would you describe your sound? 

I’d describe my musical style as an alternative, indie, pop hybrid genre. If Kurt Cobain and Christina Aguilera had a baby, that baby would be me. 


On your debut single KETCHUP you sing with such delight and joy, how did this rhythmic, happy foot-tapping journey begin? 

I was so infatuated with feelings of joy and so-called “happy foot tapping” vibes that I’m so glad it manages to portray a positive tone… just kidding as on the contrary, the song was a way out of a depressing time. Therefore on one side, you can see the escapism through the 3rd person’s perspective to be the positive outcome through the gesture of expressing feelings of depression. 



You have been quoted in the past saying ‘I was a lost soul, swimming in a fish bowl”. A classic lyric from Pink Floyds Wish You Were Here. What has been your ‘fish bowl’ and was Pink Floyd as big of an influence as it might suggest?

Pink Floyd has been a definite influence in my life, but I wouldn’t say that they have affected my musical style, they are simply the goats of experimental and psychedelic music and have opened many doors into my musical exploration. ‘Wish You Were Here was the first Pink Floyd song that I learnt how to play on the guitar. Those specific lyrics are my favourite Pink Floyd lyrics and it felt like it beautifully helped describe a dire situation. The fish bowl is a referral to my mind and the trappings that one creates when going through cycles of depression. 


What was the process of creating the track and how did you decide on it being your first single?

The process of the creating track started when I felt emotionally driven to express this feeling. I grabbed my guitar and wrote the foundations of the song in the time span of an hour. It came very naturally to me, as I was in the perfect state of mind to express what needed to be expressed. KETCHUP is a track that feels timeless and feels like it sets the tone pretty perfectly to the artist that I am.  


You have the single KETCHUP tattooed on your arm, how much of your body do you plan to cover in your tracks in 5 years’ time?

I can’t really say, considering music is a body of work that never stops developing. I guess, only time can tell. I decided to get the ketchup bottle tattooed 24 hours prior. 

After KETCHUP blows up world-wide, when and what can when can we expect with new material? You can expect a lot more music in the next coming months, I don’t want to ruin the surprise but you get the idea. 


Who would you like to collaborate with on your next track?

I would say 070 Shake.


Who would you like to support you on a future global tour?

In an ideal world, if they weren’t already the loves of many other lives and MINE included, the artists that I would die to support me on a global tour would be: 070 Shake, Mac de Marco and last, but not least Janis Joplin. 



Name one venue you have to play on this tour and why?

I wish I had a tour planned, but no not yet, the fans consist of my dog, my mom, and my very few friends… but if I were to have a venue to play my songs at, it would’ve been at Woodstock 1969. In all seriousness, Madison Square Garden would be lit af! 


What instrument do you to want to learn next and why?

The triangle, because I feel like it is so excruciatingly enticing in the simple, but complex way that it projects sound. 


What’s your perfect location to write music? 

There is no perfect place to write music, the emotion is what drives everything. 


What noise do you love the most?

Forks screeching on a plate, loud farts.


Favourite swear word?

“Fuck my life”


Ketchup goes best on…? 

To properly savour all the flavours ketchup has to offer, I believe one MUST eat it on its own, preferably spooning it directly from an enormous bucket. 


What are your thoughts on marmite on crumpets?

It’s blasphemy. Crumpets shouldn’t be used as a vessel for savoury foods. Only sweet. 


Favourite Pub?  

A beer, a pint, it’s all the same… but, THE PUB is what makes the difference. Favourite pub you ask? Now that’s a very weighted question, because until I find a place that makes that pint taste a bit sweeter than all other pubs, that will be my favourite pub. I haven’t yet found that one special pub of mine. 


If your next single was called Mayonnaise how would the chorus go? 

Eggs and oil, a little bit of mustard, mix it all together and you know that it’s the best of both worlds.


KETCHUP is out now, follow  Mlbacard¡ via @mlbacardi


Photography Jack Alexander

Hair and Makeup: Ciara Deroiste


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