Meet Ariel Lavi: An Award- Winning International Film Producer and Screenwriter

In the vibrant tapestry of global cinema, few threads shine as brightly as the work of Ariel Lavi, an illustrious film producer and screenwriter whose creations have captivated audiences and critics alike across continents. He has produced films in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai, and Canada. With an impressive collection of 131 awards and 59 nominations from film festivals worldwide, Lavi's cinematic endeavors span from the bustling cities of the United States to the serene landscapes of Indonesia, from the energetic streets of New York to the tranquil shores of the Maldives.

The most famous are the film he produced in Mexico “Metanoia”, starring Jessica Decote, that won 64 awards, and was distributed to streaming platforms in China like IQiyi – Netflix of China and Tencent Video- the 4th largest streaming platform after Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney and The film he wrote and produced in Nigeria “Dangerous Silence” won 21 awards. The film was screened at Golden State Film Festival and Silicon Beach Film Festival at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The film was nominated Best Nigerian Short Film at 19th Abuja International Film Festival. Ariel Lavi’s role as a pivotal figure in the film industry extends beyond his creative outputs.

As a respected judge at the Sunset Film Festival and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival and the visionary leader of the Lavi Company (ALAVI Corporation) based in Miami, FL, his influence resonates throughout the cinematic world. As Ariel Lavi continues to explore new stories and territories, his work remains a beacon for aspiring filmmakers around the globe. Through his unique vision and relentless pursuit of cinematic excellence, Lavi not only captivates audiences but also inspires a new generation of storytellers’ eager to follow in his footsteps.

Hello Ariel , The number of countries in which you have produced films is amazing , how did you do it?

“It’s all about being motivated, humble and a hard worker”.

How did your way begin ?

“After I studied acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film institute and screenwriting in a few universities in the UK, I started to produce my films myself. I produced films in the US, Mexico, Nigeria, Dubai, and Canada. My films won 131 awards . It was amazing. I became a judge at the Sunset Film Festival and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival. Afterwards, I opened a film production company-Lavi Company ( ALAVI Corporation) and the Public Relations Company in Miami, FL . I’m writing in USA Wire and interviewed celebrities all over the world like the Hollywood actress Natalie Burn, the Hollywood film producer Daemon Hillin , the film director Alessio Della Valle, Miss Italy Valeria Altobelli, the Hollywood actress and producer Paola Paulin and the international casting director Luci Lenox.“

What are your main goals ?

“Currently my goal is to produce and write big films in Hollywood.”

You have a lot of followers on instagram and many celebrities all over the world are following you, how did you do it ?

“My Instagram is for business. My followers like my films.”

Who is your favorite actor?

“Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Are there other films you are producing soon ?

“I’m producing films in the US and India, I can’t speak a lot but they are going to be big.”

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