Master Peace – Peace Of Mind

Master Peace continues to impress with his new EP, Peace Of Mind.

For an artist that has steadily been making a name for himself since his initial debut single release entitled Night Time back in 2019, Master Peace has continued to go from strength to strength. The London-based artist has previously put out two EPs over the last two years, and both extended plays have offered an eclectic mix of sounds. Through every release so far, another piece of the Master Peace jigsaw puzzle has fit into place, as the songwriter has been refining his sound, experimenting, and finding his artistic identity. All whilst amassing an admirable amount of streams and a continually growing fanbase. As of today, we’ve been treated with another jigsaw piece in the form of Master Peace’s third extended play, Peace Of Mind.

When comparing it to its predecessors, this new project is his most exciting release so far and it offers up his most defining artistic statement yet thanks to its faster-paced indie tunes. Country Life opens the project in a bold fashion, Master Peace pokes fun at the cliches of artists moving to London whilst expressing his disapproval of being wrongfully pigeonholed as a rapper whilst he asks on the track ‘“why does society force us to do drill?” The track itself leaves you excited, teeming with energy, and ready for the frenzy-inducing four other tracks on Peace Of Mind.  The urgent sound of the EP track, Achilles Heel, will instantly reel you in. It’s a simple but effective song that continues the momentum already built up so far.

Next up, lead-single Veronica makes for the perfect soundtrack to your night out, it’s clearly the most ‘radio friendly’ out of the collection of songs due to its guitar hooks and distinctive vocal delivery.  Yet the penultimate tune on the EP Groundhog is undoubtedly the best song on the project. The gritty guitar riffs and Peace’s lush backing harmonies complement the song’s introspective nature where Peace comments on how he always messes things up. Finally, the EP ends on a hopeful note with soaring vocals and a sing-along worth chorus on the closer, Kaleidoscope.

Anywhere you look on the EP, it feels like the artist is actively reeling off his uncensored thoughts which give you more of an insight into who this artist is. Peace Of Mind is full of infectious indie tunes and it’s his most distinguishable release yet. The future looks promising for Master Peace and we can’t wait to see what he turns his hand to next.


Review by Cameron Poole


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