Make Your First Painting Using Paint by Numbers

There are different approaches to stunning paintings. Paint by numbers is a great option if you want to try a simple way out. It is more than a method of teaching kids to learn how to paint and count simultaneously. It’s also a fantastic hobby for grown ups as you can get paint by numbers kits for adults.

Paint-by-numbers is a great stress reliever. You don’t need any special skill to make your first painting using paint by numbers. In this article, we will discuss simple ways to paint by numbers. By the time you are done reading, you will be able to make your first painting using paint by numbers.


What Exactly Is Paint by Numbers

Paint-by-numbers is a painting technique where a picture is split into several shapes, the shapes are numbered, and they correspond with a particular colour. You paint by colours, and ultimately the painting creates a magnificent painting even on your first try.

It is a simple process of putting different pieces together. Individually, those pieces make little or no sense, but when they have been perfectly put together, the result is a beautiful and unique painting.


What You Can Find in a Paint by Numbers Kit

  • Brush
  • Little pots of paint; can be acrylic or oil paint.
  • Watercolours
  • Pencils


It is crucial to check the exact type of paint in the kit(acrylic and oil-based paint); going for acrylic paint is better because they are water-based. If you are just starting, acrylic paints are your surest option compared to oil paint. After all, it gets dried easily and might be easy to work with, especially for a beginner.


Step-by-Step Process on How to Paint by Numbers

1.   Buy a paint-by-number kit.

Make sure you pick one that will make the process seamless and motivate you to follow the painting process till the end. The kit comes in different themes: nature and cartoon characters. Custom paint by numbers kits are tailored specifically for those who want to create their unique paintings.

2.   Clear the workspace

It is important to clear the workspace, and a flat and smooth surface will be better, making the entire painting process enjoyable. Spread old newspaper or unused cloth on the surface to prevent paint spills from staining them.

3.   Read the directions on the box.

The directions are visible and usually at the side of the box. These directions serve as a guide, especially if you’re trying paint-by-numbers. By following directions, you know when to mix colours and when to use them individually.

4.   Paint every number with the corresponding colour

Making a mistake in this step will mess up the painting process. As a beginner, you must focus on details and be extremely careful. Match every paint-by-number piece with a corresponding colour. Wash off the paintbrush before dipping it in another colour, and then move to the larger areas.

5.   Display your painting

Don’t be shy to show off your first paint-by-numbers painting by displaying it in frames and hanging it on walls. It might look like it could be better, but it will get better with consistent practice.


Final Thoughts

Paint-by-numbers painting is a pretty straightforward process if you follow the rules. With it, you can always paint amazing works of art and create stunning pieces. Now is the time if you have been considering trying out your hands.

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