Lucky Iris – ‘maybe i’m too much’

Leeds based alt-pop pair Lucky Iris release their new EP maybe i’m too much.

Anyone can relate to feeling like they are too much — luckily for them, Lucky Iris has crafted a soundtrack dedicated to those who have experienced it. Their EP maybe i’m too much is a sonic explosion that blends everything from lo-fi electronic sounds to more alt-pop notes. The EP’s title track is something the duo describes as a song “for anyone who’s ever been made feel like they’re ‘too much’” for someone they love and forcing yourself to be small as a way to appease someone else.

Speaking on the track, they state it was the first song they wrote for their artist project. “The initial version was so sad,” explains the band. “But something clicked in my brain after being let down…again! And I realised that me being perceived as ‘too much’ really isn’t a me problem after all. In the main hook I sing, ‘maybe I’m too much, but don’t you ever think that maybe you are not enough’. And of course, I’m not actually trying to imply that anyone isn’t enough. Instead, I made ‘maybe i’m too much’ a reminder not to let other people tell you how you should feel about yourself. And maybe… after all is said and done… it’s not me… it’s you.”


‘maybe i’m too much’ is out now.

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