Love Leather Biker Jackets? Learn How to Pair it with Warm Weather Essentials in Summers

Biker jackets made their way to the women’s closet in the late 1920s and never found their way back. The versatile outerwear gained instant popularity because of its easy-to-style nature as well as durability. Moreover, it adds a grunge essence to any outfit. Despite the immense fondness, it’s warm and cozy appeal gives second thoughts when it comes to styling a leather biker jacket in the summer times.

However, the idea of limiting any outerwear for a specific weather is absurd. With the right styling and little effort, one can easily refashion the trendy wear in any season of the year. The task gets easy with leather jackets, thanks to the utmost adaptability and flawless pairing options available. Twinning a leather jacket with a cool summer ensemble will not only let you flaunt the outfit but also create a modish urban style.


Leather Biker Jacket: Timeless & Durable Piece of Outerwear

“Perfecto”, the first motorcycle jacket designed by Irvin Schott in 1928 under the brand name Schott NYC instantly became the epitome of cool. Based on the bomber jacket, the Manhattan-based designer created the enduring staple for Harley-Davidson with a front zipper instead of buttons which makes it easy to wear on and off.

Although the edgy outerwear was well-received by the public, it was in the 1950s when the new refined silhouette rose to fame. Marlon Brando, a Hollywood heartthrob wore the classic Schott’s Perfecto jacket in the hit movie, The Wild One while he played the role of a gang leader, Johnny Strabler. This further adds to the jacket’s rebellious nuance and makes it a must-have for young boys who are fascinated by pop culture. Since then many artists and actors were seen sporting the edgy wear on different occasions including James Dean, Elvis Presley and the famous music band members, The Beatles.

But here the question arises, How the vintage biker jacket made its way to a women’s closet? Inspired by the tough and rebellious energy the jacket emanates, the young women can not stop idolizing the idea of flaring off the moto jacket. Although the first women’s biker jacket was introduced in Accessories Catalog in 1954 by the name of, “Ladies Companion Jacket” or more popularly, “Cycle Queen Jacket”, It was in the late 1970s when famous female media personalities shows the patriarchal fraternity that it’s time for real androgyny. Women’s biker jackets were tailored along the same pattern as men’s with a little addition of a feminine touch. In spite of its subversive feel, the biker jacket added an undeniable sexy feel when worn by women. “Papa Don’t Preach” is a notable music video by Madonna, in which she can be seen styling the endless staple taking it to another level of prominence and fame.


Summer will not Going to Stop You:

Summer is certainly difficult for wearing leather jackets where the temperature is more than 20 degree Celsius, but it is certainly not impossible. You love the biker looks; You need to think about a few things before making the stylish investment for a leather biker jacket in summer. Mr. O.Mateen who founded SAFYD, a growing direct to customer leather apparel brand, has shed some light on the use of leather garments in summer. According to him, choosing the right fabric and color is the key when it comes to styling any garment in summer. For fabrics like leather, picking a lightweight one is what your looks will depend upon. A heavyweight leather will not only make you feel warmer on an already warm day but also gives a baggy appeal which will look unpleasant to others around you. Moreover, the dark-colored jacket creates a deep and dark demeanor which looks terrible. To give an alluring vibe, use the light-colored leather jacket and pair it with cool and airy summer outfits.

The key features that need to be addressed before buying one are hidden in the versatility and variations that are already there.

●     Buy Summer-weight leather

Put money into buying a jacket made up of goat and sheepskin or thin faux, which not only give you the optimum warmth but also keep the style check at maximum.

●    Check Internal lining

Although the option to fashion a leather jacket in summer is open, there are some limitations. Wearing a quilted jacket or a padded one, or one with fur, borg or polyester will look hefty and definitely not appealing. A light viscose lining is the one suitable when the skies are clear.

●     Try light and vibrant colors

Wearing a full black when the sun is all out is amateur. Try light color jackets that reflect the heat and keep the temperature on a lower scale inside. This also opens the option to pair it up with your summer dresses.

●     Get perforated

Perforated leather jackets are also a thing, designed specifically for warmer climates. The precise flow of air keeps you cool at any time of the day.


Pro Tips to Style and Accessorize:

Leather jackets are classic pieces of clothing that can be worn with almost anything. If you want to rock the classic jacket in summer too, there is some thoughtful insight to give an idea about the warm weather Do’s and Don’ts.

Summer is the perfect time to wear a leather jacket with a sundress. For a more relaxed look, you can leave the leather jacket unzipped, adding just the right amount of edge to the sundress. Pairing the leather jacket with shorts is another great option as well as an excellent choice for a summer night out. It will not only let you flaunt sexy legs but also add a cool factor to the outfit. To look livelier and more spirited, add a cute tank top and a pair of vibrant converses.

These Leather biker jackets are undoubtedly a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Comfortable essential wear for winter and with the right styling becomes a fashion statement in summer. To downtone the edgy appeal, one can pair the jacket with more feminine elements like a sundress, miniskirt, graphic tee and other accessories like a pair of cool and trendy spectacles. 


A Perfect Day Out 


Twining a vibrant summer-coloured jacket with a ruffled and pleated mini skirt will be your flawless getaway. Add a contrasting pair of heeled sandals and a matching hat to create a characteristic look.

A Business Casual


If you are a working woman who needs to attend several meetings in a day or just spend the day in front of a laptop, the best option is to pair the jacket with a light-coloured tee and tight or a pair of jeans. It will not only save you time in picking daily outfits but also let you work in comfort.


A Quick Grab


Wear it a bit oversized to add a cool factor while pairing it with black sunglasses. This one is great for a quick grab at the nearest supermarket or at your usual hangout place.


A Party Perfect Look


You can wear the leather jacket over your shoulders if you want to add a touch of chic and sexiness to your already enticing look.

A Cropped Version


Cropped leather jackets are perfect when it comes to a night out on a warm day. Pair it with a contrasting skirt or any bottoms with a pair of sleek heels and matching accessories and Ta-Da, you are ready to thrash that party at your friend’s.

Leather is immortal, you will never regret buying one because these jackets are versatile pieces of clothing, popular for their limitless styling options as well as their durable nature. What starts from the creation of safety gear for bikers, becomes a timeless staple and an evergreen fashion statement. Women’s biker jackets made their appearance in the 70s and since then countless versions and varieties have been designed which are not only edgy and rugged but also chic and sexy.

The idea of wearing a leather jacket in summer might sound foolish but with proper styling, it can become your next favorite. Fabric, lining and color are the basic elements that need to be addressed before investing in a summer leather jacket. We have summarized quite a guideline to style a leather jacket in the summer which you can use to create your own style for the upcoming season.

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