Alt-pop artist LOOME releases the punchy bedroom pop track reLOVE.

It’s easy to think of the act of making music and writing a song as therapy itself, but what happens when you’re just a little bit in denial? That’s what rising alt-pop artist LOOME explores in his latest single, “reLOVE.” Hailing from Suffolk, LOOME aka Tomas Frankson captures the experience and essence of being a human with all of our intricacies and quirks. On “reLOVE,” LOOME creates an intimate bedroom pop track that is equal parts compelling and cathartic, blending a mixture of genres to fully showcase his skills. A true multidimensional artist, LOOME worked alongside producer Venjent on “reLOVE,” crafting a powerful and punchy track that delivers a catchy and melodic beat.

“Sometimes the thought of having to relive the trauma of a break up is just not an option,” says LOOME on the track. “Therapy works on processing and healing, but what if all you’ve ever done is live in denial? This song is about my personal journey with processing and labelling my emotions.”

reLOVE by LOOME is out now.

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