London’s Best Extraction Facial

Epilium and Skin is nestled in luxury West Central London and has recently become the ‘go to’ clinic for innovative, invasive and non-invasive treatments and ‘tweakments’.

Facials are no longer a treat and now form part of our skincare regime, with the UK spending upwards of £8bn a year on them.   However there is a new facial in town, and it’s set to clear congested skin and tipped to be a game-changer due to it’s fast results.  This does however come at a price but the results are so instant women and men alike in the city cannot get enough.

Epilium and Skin are the leading clinic for aesthetic non-surgical treatments in London town and now they have created a deep cleansing dermatological facial that is so intensifying, it rejuvenates and purifies the skin.

Nurse Dee performed a full skin consultation before the PRP Dermapen treatment for acne scarring and noticed how ‘congested’ my skin was.  The pores were clogged and acne scarring had occurred as a result from a flare up which was hormonal and stress related.  This is a vicious cycle with skin, as the flare ups are prone to hormonal changes, continued trauma and a build-up of dead skin cells, which in turn requires a deep cleanse of the skin or a punitive approach to exfoliation.

The facial was recommended due to its advanced cleansing nature and to rejuvenate the skin cells to prevent further scarring.

Dee analysed my skin thoroughly (as this is not recommended for infected acne) and applied a powerful glycolic acid peel to remove the dead skin cells and to bring those pores to the surface.  I have combination skin and my problem area mainly resides on the jawline, so the treatment was adapted to cater to this particular problem area, however during the extraction phase, areas with active acne were avoided, as focusing on those spots can increase the chances of scarring – which we definitely want to avoid. Following the peel Nurse Dee used a special magnifying glass and specialised tools to extract those pesky blackheads, whiteheads and mircocysts brought to the surface from the glycolic peel.

Following the extraction phase, vitamin rich creams were applied to the whole face and neck and a thermo heating mask in a mesh material (packed with rich vitamins) ensures deeper penetration and helps to reduce irritation and redness.  The mask by far was the ‘icing on the cake’, it is so soothing to the point you just fall asleep.  The mask hardens and is removed followed by a potent moisturiser. 

Following the facial, expert skincare advice was provided with recommendations to use a light glycolic acid cleanser, followed by a moisturiser rich in Vitamin C – which we all know has fantastic healing properties.  If you are stuck on which products to invest in, Epilium and Skin have got your back.  They stock a small range of products which are perfect for your aftercare including the highly sought after Obagi products.

Results – My skin definitely ‘purged’ following this facial, however settled over 2 weeks.  This is a brilliant treatment if you are stuck on products and need to get rid of all of those blackheads to start afresh. Although the results are quite rapid and noticeable, I would recommend the deep cleanse facial 1-2 times per year as it is not for the faint hearted and slightly uncomfortable during the extraction process; however the results do speak for themselves.

Rating – 9/10 This would have been a 10 if the extraction process was not uncomfortable, however pain is beauty.  This is a very results driven facial for congested skin, scarring is minimal and aftercare is vital.

Price – From £200


By Jheanelle Feanny




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