Pop punk darling LØLØ is a force: from capturing raw emotion in her own music to penning lyrics for other artists, she has wasted no time creating a name for herself in the scene. With high energy, passionate live performances to accompany her evolving discography, LØLØ is nothing short of a rising star. Catapulting onto the scene with her 2019 project Sweater Collection, LØLØ has since built a steady discography of singles and EPs. With collaborations with other pop punk names like Maggie Lindeman and girlfriends under her belt, LØLØ has found her sound. 

LØLØ’s latest single release was the exhilarating omg, a track that is meant to encapsulate the highs and lows of anxiety. Reflected in the production and transitions between the verse and chorus, the song truly feels like a rollercoaster. The switch between feeling okay and not feeling okay can happen in an instant, and she captures this perfectly throughout the track. It’s a high concept, slightly jarring song, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. Many listeners will be able to hear their own experience reflected, and find comfort in knowing that their experience isn’t isolated.

Following the release, 1883 catches up with LØLØ to hear all about what’s happening in her world.


It’s been about a month since your latest release, your single “omg.” How do you feel about the response to it, and how it was received by the fans?

I feel great about the response, especially live! I love when the crazy part comes in and to see the shock on some people’s faces that don’t know the song. It’s one of the most fun songs to play live, and I think it was the perfect song to start my new era of music with.


Can you tell me a bit about the creative process behind the track, and how it all came together? The difference in production between the verse and chorus really captures how anxiety can take you from zero to a hundred in a second, which is such a cool part of the song. 

Thank you! So I came into the session thinking I wanted to write a song called “intrusive thoughts” and so we were just blurting out a bunch of intrusive thoughts like “I could drive my car right off the road” etc, over the verse guitar riff you hear today, and then all of a sudden Mike, my producer, started strumming the guitar really hard and I was like “Ooh, what if I just yelled over this?” And then he said “and then what if we went back to the verse guitar after that??” And thus the idea was born.


What does your songwriting process look like? Is it different for every song, or do you have somewhat of a routine?It’s a little bit different every time depending on the situation, but it definitely always starts with lyric ideas/ a title I have in mind. I know a lot of people usually start songs with melodies, but I always start with lyrics. 


The accompanying music video is awesome, can you tell me about your vision for it? The fast cuts between shots conveys the intensity of the lyrics, it works really well with the track. 

I’m happy you like it!! It’s funny, I’m actually normally really bad at picturing a music video for my songs, but I knew that for this I wanted the shots to feel as chaotic as the music felt. Luckily I got a really awesome treatment from Jake Johnson the director that felt like it really fit the song and I just trusted him with it 100%. I really wanted the song to feel like anxiety & ADHD, and I think the video really captured that.


While checking out the music video, I saw you have a lot of tour vlogs on your channel! Can you tell me a bit about why you choose to document your tour adventures? What’s your favorite part about making the vlogs? 

I feel very lucky to get to do a lot of cool things all the time, so I think it’s important to capture those moments!! We have so much fun on tour and I want people to feel that! I think it’s also great for people who can’t make every show, so they can feel like they’re involved too somehow. 


I saw you went to the Heavy Music Awards! What was that experience like for you? 

That was SO SICK. As soon as I got there, right after I walked the red carpet (which was so fun) I found out that they wanted me to present the first award of the night, so I was kind of shitting myself, but it ended up being so fun!! It was my first time attending an awards show as an artist, and my first time presenting as well!


Upcoming, you’ll be touring with Boys Like Girls this fall! What are you most excited for, when it comes to heading out on the road? 

I AM SO EXCITED FOR EVERYTHING. My favorite part about tour is seeing the crowd’s reactions to my songs. I love when I see people mouthing all the words, but I love just as much seeing people who have no idea who the F I am discover me and become a fan. I love touring so much also because I get to connect with all my listeners, instead of just looking at them as a number on spotify. I get to hug them and take pictures with them–  it really is the best thing.


Is there a specific tour stop you’re most excited for, or a city you’re most excited to visit? I saw that the Toronto show will be your first time performing in your hometown since 2019, which is so exciting!

Yes, I’m so excited for the Toronto show…that will be an important one for me because my whole family will be there! Other than that I’m excited to play in some cities I’ve never played in before, like Nashville, New Orleans, San Francisco, LA for example. 


Is there a song that you’re most excited to play live? 

Hmm probably hot girls in hell, it’s my current obsession. Coming SOON.


Looking forward, are there any upcoming releases or projects you can share a bit about? What’s next for fans to look forward to? 

I’m finally working towards an ALBUM which I’m really excited about!! I’m stoked to put out a bigger body of work finally. I have so many songs I wanna share with everyone.


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