Lois Rae – RADAR

Lois Rae proves that your worth means everything on her latest track, RADAR.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, rising artist Lois Rae is here to make her mark. Bringing the ‘melting pot’ of influences from her home city that have inspired her, Lois Rae crafts songs and sonics that are entirely her own. Her follow up to 2022’s SWIM, her latest track is one that is equal parts euphoric and empowering; an ode to anyone that’s itching to embrace who they are, what they stand for, and staying true to both.

“One thing that has changed my life is only surrounding myself with genuine people,” explains Rae, when asked about the track. “I believe it’s important to keep your boundaries strong and protect your energy at all costs – I wanted to make sure that the people who listen to my music do the same. RADAR has been written with the purpose to communicate this message and to help the listener remember their worth any time they find themselves forgetting. Not everyone needs to be in your circle, or on your radar.”

With production by Manon Dave, RADAR is a track that is sky-soaring with sleek lyricism and a dynamic pulse throughout. For Rae, it’s the sonic embodiment of what it’s like to take a stand and pick yourself after years of dealing with “fake love,” as she sings so powerfully on the track.

RADAR is out now.

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