Lifestyle changes with E-vehicles

The advent of e-vehicles in the world is slowly changing the face of transportation and commuting in every sector. Now we have battery operated as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles providing an array of options for long and short distance commutes.

The lifestyle factors that affect the growing demand for EV’s justify why adapting to this clean energy could reduce greenhouse emissions and make our environment more sustainable. Scooter Hut offers a wide range of e-vehicles designed specially for the pick up and go lifestyle. Check out their electric scooters, hoverboards and skateboards for options.


  • Faster Commute
  • More Space on roads
  • Urban Air Quality
  • Less Use of Public Transport
  • Increased Awareness

Electric vehicles can help to tackle global warming. They emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants.This means the more people turn to electric vehicles, the less dependent they can be on fossil fuel powered vehicles, which is ultimately better for the environment. Read on to know 5 changes you may experience around:


  1. Faster Commute

In a world where we expect things to happen at the click of a button, time becomes an expensive and scarce commodity.  Electric Vehicles like Hoverboards are being used in restaurants to serve food faster, E-scooters to reach college and office faster without having to deal with traffic. Electric skateboards and Unicycles are both devices that will make a trip to the store a flash affair.


  1. More space on roads

As more and more youngsters opt for these compact electric vehicles, it will reduce the need for cars in the time to come. Less cars would mean less pollution too, less parking spots occupied on streets, less congestion, less traffic means more space for emergency vehicles to pass through and a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists! There could be no better invention for this millennium than electric vehicles.


  1. Urban Air Quality

As we said earlier, the use of battery powered and plug-in hybrid charged electric vehicles by more people on roads would drastically improve the air quality, especially in urban cities where the air is constantly turning toxic and unbreathable for its residents. Cleaner air would mean the roads would see more people walking in the open than cooped inside their air-conditioned cars. It makes life easier if you can just go to the park, sit there and be able to breathe in fresh air.


  1. Less use of public transport

It would help if there wasn’t constant digging and construction going around in cities for building public transport. Dust rising from this construction leads to several cases of breathing and lung issues. The use of individual electric vehicles  could really change the urban landscape for the better.


  1. Increased Awareness

With the implementation of electric vehicles in public and personal transport, the awareness among the masses will increase in proportion to the number of people using these vehicles. It will push us to think before consuming or discarding anything that harms our environment that we live and breathe in. Social class divide could also see a welcoming change as more people turn to an environmentally conscious vehicle than a premium car.

More production of such electric vehicles will ultimately bring down the prices to affordable levels. Every person can own this vehicle irrespective of the class they belong to. Equality can be achieved sooner, at least in the way we commute daily. Employment scenario will soon see a big shift as the charging ports will need to be installed and production of these EV’s will require large manpower in times to come.



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