LinkedIn & Gaming: How to Grow Professionally

LinkedIn is a social media platform that has become the #1 site for professional networking. Since the gaming and i-Gaming industries are online-based, this platform is one of its biggest drivers. It has been in existence for over two decades and boasts over 900 million members from across the globe with diverse skills and talents. Hence, it is the best platform for companies to get the best talents and vice versa.

This platform has become the easiest way of reaching a huge population of enthusiasts. You can use it to find the best online casino Australia, and the casino can use it to find workers and clients. Because of its power, LinkedIn is the ideal place to further your professional growth in the gaming industry. How do you take advantage of this valuable platform?


Create an Outstanding Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is very fundamental because it is the first thing that others see when they come across your name. It should be catchy and professional at the same time to woo the right people. The general template allows you to provide your name, position, and a short description of yourself, your education, and work experience. All this information should be added exceptionally.

The short description is critical because it must capture the attention of anyone who shows interest. If you are gearing towards a career in the gaming industry, this must be stated clearly in the description. You could also state your aspirations, professional experience, and what you have achieved in the past to attract recruiters. Take this as a newspaper headline, a quick glimpse should be as impactful as possible.

Another important element of the profile is the photo. The site allows you to add your photo and a cover photo, which forms the background of your profile. The cover photo should illustrate and rate your kind of work, while your photo can be a professional picture of yourself. If you do not love showing your face, you can as well choose an avatar. However, most recruiters will prefer seeing your face.

Your profile will determine the successful use of LinkedIn. Even though many sites could give you tips and tricks for creating it, you must remember to add a personal touch. If you read through and find it amazing, then there is no need to second guess yourself.


Posts and Portfolios

A well-designed portfolio will also be invaluable when eyeing professional growth on LinkedIn. Your profile will tell the recruiters what you can do, but the portfolio will show them. Recruiters may not have sufficient time to comb through the portfolio so you must state it concisely. The key points that must stand out are a brief explanation of the project, the scope, the platform, and your role. Then, you can showcase your work.

The summary will often be enough to attract the attention of recruiters in the gaming and iGaming industries. You could also use videos to showcase all this. If you have done lots of work, you must first choose the projects that illustrate your strengths or areas of interest. Do not be tempted to squeeze everything into this section.

If you don’t have a completed project, you could showcase your student work or perhaps critique a game of interest and redesign a system that could show room for improvement.



Just like other social media sites, LinkedIn allows you to connect with other users. You should ensure that you connect with the right people in the industry. The site has algorithms, so your choice of connections will lead to more suggestions on other influential people in the same space. If you find someone of interest you would like to engage more with, then you should send a personalised message when making the connection request.

However, you should always research a little about people before engaging them. Trying to search their names on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could be helpful. This will protect you from contacting predators. Once you have created a network of developers and other players in the industry, learn to engage in professional conversations with them. Write articles and blogs, comment on theirs, and join groups and channels.

You could also attend networking events from the industry for a personal experience of what goes on. Your first jobs will certainly result from your networks.


Cover Letters and CVs

Once you have grabbed the attention of a potential employer, you must ensure that it materialises into something substantial. Always have an excellent CV and cover letter ready. Remember that most companies use ATS, which will only select you if your documents are tailored for the job.

These are four critical elements that will allow you to leverage LinkedIn for professional growth in the gaming industry. They are quite simple and only require you to package yourself in a way that recruiters will find irresistible.

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