Lederhosen Glammed Look with Bavarian Accessories

Do you know what can glamourize your lederhosen looks in a minute? ACCESSORIES! Well, you have to be playfully right with your choice of accessories. And carry them to compliment your lederhosen. Accessories can make or break the deal for you to look awfully beautiful.

This read is all about knowing which accessories blend well with Lederhosen. And how to perfect your Bavarian looks with accessories.

Types of Bavarian Accessories to Style Lederhosen

Bavarian accessories, such as a shirt or shoes, can be chosen from top to bottom. Here is the breakdown of all the accessories;

Trachten Bavarian Shirt

Trachten shirts are the go-to choice for the lederhosen. Be it men or women lederhosen you can choose from checkered or plain shirts. Checkered shirts come in all the right and bright colors. Red, Blue, and Green are checkered shirts’ most popular color choices.

For the plain, all shades of white are the go-to choices. A less popular but unique take to the Bavarian shirt is a collared, two-tone, embroidered one. It is beautifully embellished with metal studs like Edelweiss and mid-stitch embroidery.
Women can also wear a plain white dirndl blouse with the Lederhosen as a shirt.

Pro-Tips for Bavarian Shirts:

  1. When choosing your Shirt, choose the size that fits you perfectly.
  2. Style your Shirt with a plain white t-shirt for a casual day look.
    Traditional Lederhosen Suspenders

Lederhosen Suspenders are known for adding a true Bavarian vibe to the outfit. Bavarian suspenders are made from authentic leather. It has a cross (X) band on the back that comes parallel to the front. You can choose from various colors and styles to bring the best to your lederhosen men.

Different motifs like embossed hand-stitch embroidery are what make these accessories appealing. Two of the most popular motifs are deer and Edelweiss flowers.

Pro-Tips for Suspenders:

  1. Wear your suspender to a Bavarian theme event or wedding.
  2. Separate the suspenders from the chest belt and bring it in for everyday use.

Trachten Lederhosen Belt

The traditional Bavarian belt is another excellent choice to don with your lederhosen. The metallic buckle has engraved designs. The belt part is made of authentic leather. Both metal and leather are unique material choices only used in making something ethereal.

The Lederhosen men’s belt is added to achieve the true Bavarian look.

Pro-Tips for Belt:

  1. Like any other Bavarian accessory, the Lederhosen belt can be worn with any casual outfit.

Traditional Charivari Chain

The Charivari Chain is a piece of jewelry paired with Lederhosen worn around the waist. It has all the charms hung to it, showcasing the wearer’s valor. In older times, it also represented wealth by hanging silver coins on it.

Hunting trophies like horns, edelweiss flowers, coins, pearls, and locks are among the common charms.

Pro Tip For Charivari

  1. You can also wear Charivari as a bracelet or necklace..
    Oktoberfest Vest

The Oktoberfest vest is known for staying warm in the cold. This accessory and adding a layer to the outfit work well in completing the look. These inner wears come in various colors and designs to perfectly accessorize Lederhosen. The material options like velvet and polyacryl are the most common fabric choices for the vest.

Just adding a Vest to your outfit will pop up the look. Pocket squares can be added to these waistcoats, too.

Pro Tip For Vest

  1. You can pair these waistcoats with a pair of jeans, too.
    Bavarian Shoes & Loferl Socks
    For finishing touches, investing in the tinniest of details matters. Socks and shoes may seem unnecessary. But folk saying, “You can judge a person by his shoes,” says a lot about its importance.
    Bavarian socks are combed woolen blended with the Bavarian pattern. In contrast, the shoes are made from authentic leather with hand-stitched embroidery.

Pro Tip For Lederhosen Socks and Shoes

  1. These shoes and socks can easily become part of the day-to-day look.
    Oktoberfest Women’s Crossbody Bag
    Another very important accessory that women can carry with their lederhosen to Oktoberfest is a bag. It can also be carried along the dirndl. The Bavarian-style crossbody bags are made of leather and are of small size. The intricate embroidery on them makes them eye-catching.

Do You Know? You can not take a couple of things to Oktoberfest; one is a large bag or backpack. Which means “SAY YES TO SMALL CROSSBODY.”

Don’t be disappointed! These small crossbodies can home a lot of travel-size necessities.

Pro Tip For Bags

  1. Bavarian leather bags are the sturdiest for everyday use.

What to keep in your bag for Oktoberfest?

There are a lot of things that need to be packed in your bag for a good time at Oktoberfest.

  1. Cash
  2. Oktoberfest Pass
  3. Travel-size lipstick
  4. Travel-size perfume/mist or spray
  5. Medicine (to prevent throwing up)
  6. Mouth freshener tablets/spray/gums

Creating Looks with Lederhosen Accessories

Lederhosen accessories can be beautifully leveraged to create looks from casual to classy. Let’s put accessories in use to create some looks.

– A Casual Boys Day Out

Trachten Shirt
Bavarian shoes

– Oktoberfest or Bavarian Themed Party

Trachten Shirt
Bavarian Sock and Shoes

– Wedding or Formal Event

Plain Trachten Shirt
Oktoberfest vest
Bavarian socks and shoes

Although there is no correct answer, you can always accessories your lederhosen in your style along with following the official Lederhosen & dirndl size guide for a perfect fit.

Make the Right Deal with Accessories!

Choosing the right accessories, suspenders, and trachten shirts to pair with your German lederhosen is like putting the right decor in your home. Wearing the right accessory with your costume can redefine your complete German look. Bavarian accessories like shirts, belts, and suspenders can fit perfectly with Lederhosen to complement its traditional look.

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