Kingfishr | Shadow EP | Track by Track

Up-and-coming Irish indie-folk group Kingfishr unveil their latest EP, Shadow.

After a sold-out headline show tour and support slots for the likes of Tom Walker and Snow Patrol, it’s clear Kingfishr are having one heck of a 2024. Now, they release their latest EP Shadow. The band, which comprises of Edmond Keogh, Eoghan McGrath, and Eoin Fitzgibbon, use music to examine the “modern Irish experience,” exploring everything from love and loss in their music.

To celebrate the release of their new EP, Kingfishr pen a track-by-track for Shadow, detailing the inspiration behind each song.


“Shadow is about the consequences of burying pieces of yourself. There’s an idea that ‘The Shadow’ is everything you suppress about your psyche. Those unseen elements of yourself rule you and you have no idea. The song is an ode to this.”


“Coward is about letting your fear of rejection get the better of you, and about the realisation that the weight of carrying around “what if’s” is exhausting to have to deal with.”


“’Leave’ is written about the naivety of taking family for granted as we grow up. The realisation that you should have done better isn’t something that fades, but doing all you can to make up for it is important because they’re worth it in the end.’

Shot In The Dark

“This song was written on the night that we decided to pursue music as a career. One night, sitting on a farm in Doonane, we quit our jobs and wrote the lyrics to ‘Shot In The Dark’. We never thought we’d release it, we wrote it for ourselves. Starting a band is a mad idea, we all agreed we’d almost certainly fail but that we would try nonetheless. That’s what the song is about”

flowers-fire (rework)

“This is the first song we ever released. I remember we’d just put flowers-fire out, and the next day we woke up and it was on New Music Friday, people were messaging us left right and centre. There’s a storied history to spoken word in Ireland that defines us as a culture – something of that authentic Celtic vibe that I think people are still hungry for. In some way that’s what we were trying to get at with this track.”

Kingfishr’s Shadow EP is out now.

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