John Vizaniaris



With No Prior Experience in the Entertainment Industry, This Is How Dead Talk Live Creator/Host John Vizaniaris Carved His Own Path

Great talk show hosts may all seem different, but they all share some unique characteristics that they may naturally have or learn with time. One of these characteristics is the desire to flourish, irrespective of the experience in that industry. John Vizaniaris also has the same desire, which is evident from his over 600K combined followers on the eight social media platforms of his show Dead Talk Live. He achieved all this with no prior experience in the field.

Vizaniaris casually started his show in April 2020. He wanted to try live streaming because it resonated with him more than anything else. Throughout the interviews conducted by Vizaniaris, it is apparent that he listens to the celebrities not to respond but to understand their standpoint.

Vizaniaris’s ability to speak and convey ideas clearly and entertainingly got him to this position in the entertainment industry. Let’s take an example of the recent interview with Calem MacDonald, which went so smoothly that it almost seemed that the show had been recorded before. The improvisation seemed right on point, which is necessary for live streaming.

Much of what he does while interviewing celebrities is entirely off the cuff. His ability to improvise questions and how he responds to the answer in a fun and humorous way in various situations causes people to repeatedly come back and watch his shows. It is also evident that Vizaniaris did not have to learn this from anyone. It’s all due to the witty nature that he was born with. Despite the increasing number of followers on all his social media, Vizaniaris did not rush. He took his time to practice the required skills, create his unique style, and build a reputation in the entertainment industry.

Who can deny the appealing looks and style of the host himself? Everything about him naturally makes the whole interview a lot more interesting. In a nutshell, hosting is something you either have the personality for or you don’t; it’s more like an innate ability. The looks and the personality of Vizaniaris tell that he has it all. With his crazy, outgoing, goofy, and incredible nature and personality, the level of success that he has achieved within such a short span of time is unprecedented. He has proved that charisma truly comes from within.

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