Jeff Goldblum

Some actors bounce from genre to genre, looking to flex their range across a collection of different dramatisations. Then, there are a select few who can seamlessly shift between genres all the while putting on the same persona. It’s a rare thing, indeed, that an actor can be so charismatic, likeable, and skilful that they can achieve such a feat, especially over several decades.

Yet, it’s this rare classification that now defines Jeff Goldblum, and it’s fully by design. While there are many great film actors out there, none intrigue us quite like Jeff Goldblum. Not only are you enticed by his inclusion, but you know that you’ll get a now-legendary mix of eloquent discussion, quirk, and, of course, hand gestures. Even if only a side character or part of an ensemble cast, Goldblum is a unique draw.

It’s been an increasingly prominent staple of the Pennsylvania-born actor’s career, playing a role that’s wholly his own. As he said to The Talks in an interview on his acting career, his teacher said, “we should try not to copy anybody and find our own unique voice.” Goldblum has certainly found his unique voice, and it continues to give him tremendous appeal – from indie flicks to blockbusters.

Beyond his big screen work, Goldblum has also lent his image, voice, and persona to characters across entertainment media, from voice work to iconic imagery. Alongside all of this, he has a jazz band: Jeff Goldblum and the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. The band’s debut album, The Capitol Studios Sessions, came out in 2018, swiftly followed by I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This in 2019, which he’s perfectly quoted describing.

Of course, as is the case with any great actor, Goldblum has a couple of iconic, underpinning roles that crafted the foundation of his popularity. From there, an incredible branching out has further cemented his legacy and appeal across media. While not quite as Goldblum-ian as he has become in many recent roles, his foundations are firmly rooted in two of the most well-regarded films of their respective genres.

Goldblum breaking into the mainstream


Fitting for an actor whose first credit came in 1974’s Death Wish as the role ‘Freak #1,’ Jeff Goldblum’s big break truly came in 1986’s The Fly. First, the movie proved that remakes could be done well and even better than the original. Second, The Fly showcased exactly how brilliant Goldblum can be when the camera is fixed on him in the right kind of setting.

Lastly, The Fly isn’t just the film that helped to catapult Goldblum into the public conscious, but many consider it to still be David Cronenberg’s best work to date. The madness and body horror of the film set it apart from modern counterparts backed by CGI technology, and certainly stands shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow greats of the era, like The Thing, Aliens, The Evil Dead, The Shining, and An American Werewolf in London.

Then, of course, came the blockbuster breakthrough of Jurassic Park. Goldblum loved seeing the flick, as he told the press in 1993: “I was thrilled. I was blown away. I was screaming my head off.” While a secondary character in the first film, The Lost World elevated his character, Dr Ian Malcolm, to star status and he returned for two of the sequel’s trilogy, Jurassic World, with the franchise having now made over $6 billion.

In this role, Goldblum truly became a star in the eyes of the mainstream audience, and he’s been more than happy to deliver beyond the movies. H stars in the Jurassic Park Gold slot, an online casino favourite. Here, he’s one of the premium symbols, paying up to ten times the bet for five along a payline. It’s his presence and charm that adds to the authentic Jurassic Park experience on the reels.

You can find his character, likeness, and voice in just about all associated products. There’s an exclusive Shirtless Dr Ian Malcolm Funko Pop! as well as a more regular one if you don’t want to capture that iconic moment. In the park-builder Jurassic World Evolution, he also lent his voice to developers Frontier Developments, helping to guide players through the game as the character.

Becoming the attraction that is Jeff Goldblum

Considering The Fly and Jurassic Park underpin Jeff Goldblum’s fame, it’s quite bizarre to see where his career has gone in the decades since. He’s now, essentially, a popular character in and of himself – a celebrity who people spot and immediately know what they’re going to get. His mannerisms have become so well-known through his work in movies and surrounding products that ‘Goldblum’ alone is enough to attract an army of consumers.

Not that the franchise needed it as it’s such a big seller, but Call of Duty brought Goldblum in for Black Ops 3’s Shadows of Evil. For the game mode, he joined Heather Graham, Ron Perlman, and others via voice-over and motion capture. Most recently, he was cast to replace Hugh Grant in the upcoming dark comedy series recreating Greek mythology, KAOS, in which he’ll play Zeus.

Along with these more common ventures for actors, Goldblum and his band teamed up with Miley Cyrus for the track The Thrill Is Gone – which made it onto one of our playlists. He also became the star of the National Geographic show The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which pinned its hopes – and found success thanks to – the inherent draw of Goldblum’s persona.

Featuring in recent top-class films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of Dogs, and Hotel Artemis, alongside franchise blockbusters like the Jurassic World and MCU flicks, is just one side of the draw of the ever-charismatic actor. Seemingly always open to branching out to titillate the public in all lines of media, Jeff Goldblum will continue to have his main draw be his personality.


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