IPL Laser Hair Removal in Maple Ridge BC

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More people in Maple Ridge, BC, are indulging in self-care and nurturing to attain overall health and wellness.

Part of that involves developing a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence, which means keeping teeth white, body in shape, and unwanted hair removed.

Companies are beginning to note that hair removal is a significant component of a self-care regimen. People are turning to private methods, gradually becoming more sophisticated and straightforward as the demand grows. One of these is IPS or Intense Pulsed Light. We’ll find out what this is and if it’s the correct answer for you.


IPL Laser Hair Removal In Maple Ridge BC

While shaving deems the most uncomplicated technique to rid our bodies of undesirable hair, the results are short-lived, creating a need to repeat the process nearly every day. Creams and waxes offer more extensive solutions, but these require specific situations and a bit more expertise, not to mention a pain tolerance when it comes to waxing.

Ripping the hair out by the roots, especially when it comes to women who are extra sensitive before, during, and after menstruation, tends to be something we ultimately avoid as a way to skip the discomfort. Fortunately, now there are other at-home, private methods growing in popularity in Maple Ridge BC, comparable to laser treatment, like IPL hair removal or Intense Pulsed Light.

There is no laser with this technique, but it uses light energy meant to decrease or slow down hair growth on your face and body. The protocol is similar to that of laser hair removal, with treatment sessions ranging from 6 to 8 with intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

The price point is less than laser treatment and is available more readily in beauty spas as opposed to cosmetic clinics led by doctors. See here for tips on IPL hair removal.


What Are IPL Treatments

A laser is a wavelength of color. Wavelengths measure in nanometers. Substances or “chromophores” within the body have the capacity to absorb specific light wavelengths. A chromophore is “melanin,” or the dark pigment found in hair, in water, and the “oxyhemoglobin” found in the blood.

As it relates to IPL, the melanin absorbs a range of between 600 and 1100 nanometers of wavelength pulses, ultimately turning to heat, creating damage to the follicle.


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How IPL Home Treatments Work

The IPL home devices in Maple Ridge give bursts of light of varied colors that cannot focus on the same way that a laser does. These wavelengths are measured at between 500 and 1200 “nanometers.” The suggestion is that hemoglobin, melanin, and water combine to make “chromophores” absorb varying levels of wavelengths.

The IPL will filter out what it deems unnecessary wavelengths so it can focus on a specific chromophore. In order to direct its focus on melanin for reduction of hair growth, all wavelengths filter out except those that fall between the range of 600 and 1100 nanometers.

That means the melanin cells in the follicle absorb the IPL flashes, which convert to heat damaging that follicle. The hair will shut down, entering into a “resting stage,” meaning you will begin to notice a much slower pace of growth and ultimately see less hair growth.

In learning different filters with your home device, you can work on other concerns. The suggestion is that an IPL has the capacity to work on pigmented cells, including sunspots along with spider veins, different means of rejuvenation.


Final Thought

The suggestion is that IPL boasts a safe method for removing hair for a much more extended period than conventional methods. More people are attempting to move away from the traditional to state-of-the-art techniques that deem safe, researched, and produce longer-term results.

IPL, as one of the methods used with Maple Ridge Permanent Hair Removal, boasts one of the techniques that helps slow hair growth, ultimately leading to less hair growth in the area altogether. That’s a more permanent solution to what could be an ongoing problem.

While people are taking more time to indulge in self-care and nurturing, they want the method they use to be effective and efficient. IPL seems to be an up-and-comer in that department.

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