Instant Games – A New Gambling Experience

One of the beauties of playing casino games online is the ability to access various services not readily available locally. Take, for instance, the Verde casino bonus; it ensures you receive free cash, which you can use to play games risk-free. The other advantage is the sheer variety of games available. You can play online slots, table, and card games such as roulette, baccarat, and sic bo. In addition, there’s a new type of online casino game called instant win games. As the name suggests, these games allow you to play and win almost instantly. This article is all about reviewing instant win games and the popular types online.

What Are Instant Win Games?

If you’ve heard of “instant win games” before, the clue to how they work lies in the name itself. These are online casino games designed to allow you to win real money instantly. The best way to define how instant win games work is that they are basically versions of widely played scratchcards and bingo games.

The appeal of instant win games comes down to the fact that players find out whether they’ve won or not instantly instead of waiting for a few rounds or rounds, as with the other online casino games. This means there are plenty of winning chances within a short time, something many players are searching for online. There are three popular instant win casino games online. They include:

  • Scratch cards
  • Bingo
  • Slingo

Scratch Cards

Online scratchcards are simply the digital form of regular scratchcards with a few basic differences. Like their offline counterparts, online scratchcards are easy to play, and you don’t have to spend big to have a piece of the action. They are much cheaper, with bet limits starting from as low as $0.10 to as much as $20 per game.

Once you’ve made your bet selection, you are required to pick out the numbers you believe will win. This is done on a virtual recreation of the physical scratchcard that offers you three lines of three squares. After pressing the buttons, the contents will be revealed, and if you match the same numbers or symbols, your bet is a winner.

Note that these numbers are randomly picked by software. The RNG (Random Number Generator) software ensures the game’s outcome is 100% random and unpredictable.

That is where the comparison between the physical scratchcard games and the online version ends. The advanced online scratchcards offer plenty of features not available in the physical games. For example, their games come with different themes that are constantly changing. Some have bonus rounds just like those you’d find in online slots.


Like scratchcards, online bingo is an extension of land-based bingo games. It is a perfect match for those searching to play games but have a tight budget. If you are also searching to play a community-based game, this is the best match for you. Social butterflies will enjoy a wide variety of bingo games, some of which are not readily available at physical casinos.


Slingo is a hybrid between the traditional “slots” and “75-ball bingo” games. Whenever you open a Slingo game, you are welcome by a 5×5 bingo ticket on the screen and a single row of reels at the bottom. Initially, the game was meant to be played for fun, but its popularity shot off the roof that several versions of the game were developed.

Why Are Instant Win Games Popular?

It is not surprising that many players have taken to playing instant win games. These games offer plenty of advantages compared to their physical counterparts. Some of these advantages include the following.

  • Better bet limits: Compared to traditional tickets, instant win games online offer you a much more flexible bet range.
  • Bigger prize pools: With the small bets, you stand a chance to win bigger prize pools compared to what the physical games offer you.
  • Faster payouts: If you are lucky to score a win, online instant win scratchcard games will pay out nearly instantly. The winnings are automatically credited to your account.
  • You can play anytime you feel like: You don’t have to make long, tedious trips or plan days ahead to play these games. Simply whip out your phone, visit a licensed and regulated online casino, and start playing instant win games.

Ensure the online casino you visit is a licensed and regulated one. This is the surest way of accessing safe, secure, and fair games. You are also assured of fast customer support services, which are readily available 24/7.

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