How to spend a luxurious day in Monaco



Monaco is a sovereign state, the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican. But it is also known for its casinos, luxurious marinas, and the annual Monaco Grand Prix.

The best time to visit the country is the week of the yacht show, as the harbor is spectacular during this period. Sitting in one of the cozy restaurants overlooking the sea, you can watch expensive yachts worth several million dollars and their owners.

Obviously, even the minimum order in the restaurant will cost a pretty penny because all service here is aimed exclusively at wealthy visitors.

For example, seats are sure to be available at L’Hirondelle restaurant in Thermes Marin Spa, where visitors are invited to spend time on the cozy terrace. It’s best to order something light, like prosciutto of melon and sea bass, so that you have the energy to explore the area later on.

Since it is better to avoid activity right after lunch, it is recommended to go to Thermes Marin Monte-Carlo to get a 90-minute relaxing set of treatments, including massages, skin moisturizing, and other pleasant things.

The body will be covered in a variety of scrubs and oils, and then the visitor will be invited to spend 20 minutes in a fabulous bath with a bottle of strawberry champagne and beautiful desserts.

In the evening, when the body is relaxed, and the stomach is full, it’s time to head to the casino for another share of the experience. Even admission to one of the establishments will cost 10 euros or more, but that money is nothing compared to the emotions you can get inside. Of course, you can always go to and find online casinos for Canadian dollars, but it is better to experience the unforgettable atmosphere on your own skin.

Before entering, the visitor will be asked to leave his smartphone and cameras in a special box so that no images from inside the halls are leaked to the net.

It is important to leave your head cold because the casino in Monaco is not the place where you want to lose all your money and stay with nothing. So go there better with a certain amount of money that you are ready to lose, and it will not hurt the pocket or the family budget.

You can adjust the vacation according to your preferences. Some, after such a busy day, want to go to the room to sleep, and others – to a nightclub, where the party


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