How To See Most Recent Followers On Instagram: Tips for Tracking New Audience Engagement

The social media space involves a vast network of activities that represent the lifestyle and voice of various brands. As such, a plethora of platforms were established through which individuals, organizations, and groups can express themselves effectively, with Instagram being one of the most used social media platforms.

Owning an Instagram account is a key requirement to showcase products and services on a wider scale to the world, with followers being the ultimate gradient to assert influence.

However, keeping tabs on your follower count can be a daunting task due to Instagram’s operation policy. Well, it might be a daunting task, but not an impossible task. In fact, for those looking to quickly enhance their presence, options to buy Instagram followers provide an immediate solution. So, let’s dive in.

Tracking New Audience Engagement on Instagram Using the Mobile App

The mobile app of Instagram is the main channel through which active Instagram users manage their accounts. The mobile app is designed to provide easy accessibility and a friendly user interface on all accounts. Monitoring new engagements on an account through the mobile app is possible when these steps are applied.

  • Locate the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone (Android and iPhone), then proceed to open up the app.
  • With the search bar, identify your target profile and selectively click on it.
  • Once at the target profile, select the followers list. At this command, the list of followers will usually be displayed for your perusal in a chronological format, with the most recent followers topping the list.

However, the chronological format is not always applicable. This is due to the constant upgrades and algorithm changes undertaken by Instagram, which can very well flip the order of followers, making it difficult to identify new followers.

Tracking New Audience Engagement on Instagram Using Instagram Web

Checking new engagement even when you buy Instagram followers on your Instagram account can also be achieved by visiting the Instagram website. This is a very reliable alternative means to determine new followers on Instagram should the mobile app prove abortive. The following measures will help make the process understandable.

  • Using your preferred browser, open the Instagram website.
  • Then, sign in to your existing account on Instagram using your details (username and password).
  • With the search bar, locate an Instagram profile of your choosing. Then tap on the username of the profile that pops up.
  • Click on the followers icon, which is beside the following icon. Here, the full list of followers can be seen, with the newest follower being the topmost visible account.

With Instagram, the one thing that remains constant is the emergence of new updates, which ultimately can alter the settings and operation of the account. This will then cause a shift from having a chronologically ordered followers list in terms of newest to oldest followers to the followers being rearranged.

Utilizing New Audience Engagement

When an Instagram account experiences a surge in a new audience, an equal reaction must produce or maintain the surge in followers. One of the most dynamic ways to keep increasing your audience is by constantly engaging them in activities. A solid relationship is formed by allowing your audience to actively participate on an Instagram account.

This will give them a sense of belonging and will further lead to more new followers to an Instagram account. Another surefire way to multiply your Instagram followers is by appreciating them. A heart of gratitude can not be misplaced, so seize every opportunity to appreciate your followers, and the trickling effect will be evident in new followership.


The relevance of an Instagram account is tied to the amount of followers on the account. The higher the number of followers, the higher the attention that surrounds the account, which will lead to increased engagement. The services and products will further sustain this increased engagement the account renders to the public. Therefore, the above simple and easy steps will give you an insight into how to monitor the growth of any Instagram account.

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