How to Play at a Btc Gambling Sites

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A myriad of resources explains how great Bitcoin is and its asset worthiness to online gaming. However, despite all these details about Bitcoin and how big it is for online gambling, there are still no clear details about how to start online gaming using Bitcoin. If you are one of these people who dream of gaming using Bitcoin but you do not know how to do so then worry no more.

We are going to provide you with all the essential things you need to know about Bitcoin gaming. On top of that, we shall also provide you with a step-by-step guide to Bitcoin gambling and the proper steps you need to follow to actualize this goal. To make it even much easier for your understanding, we will break this entire process into three main processes which are easy to understand; here you go.

Step 1: Open an Online Bitcoin Wallet 

This first step is usually included to help those people who are new to Bitcoin. These people do not have a Bitcoin online wallet but wish to access and play at Bitcoin Gambling sites. That said, a Bitcoin wallet is an online platform or hub dedicated to selling and buying Bitcoin.

There are many types of Bitcoin wallets like the software wallet and others. However, in our case we will only deal with the hosted Bitcoin wallet. A hosted wallet, in this case basically means storing your Bitcoin with a third party similar to how Banks operate. 

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, it will feel much more like a PayPal account. You will first need to have this account and then use a credit or debit card to load money to make purchases or even deposit money into any online gaming site. However, the only difference with a Bitcoin wallet is that once you load money into it, you will have to convert it into Bitcoin to make any transactions.

Step2: Make Deposits to Your Bitcoin Wallet 

Once you have your Bitcoin wallet well set up, you must ensure you deposit money into it and then purchase a Bitcoin after that. However, as you do this you need to know that Bitcoin operates like other currencies. This means its rate can go high or low depending on varying circumstances.

Therefore, before you make any purchases you need to check the rate you are getting out of it. However, as you seek to gamble you are reminded not to base so much on the issue of fluctuation given that that is bound to happen. The fluctuations when they occur could go either way, high or low and are very difficult to predict and control.

You can use various ways to do this when depositing money into your Bitcoin wallet. For instance, you can use a debit or credit card to link your Bitcoin wallet to your Bank account directly. As you do this, you need to remember that all these methods will work the same and therefore choose one which will work for you conveniently.

Step 3: Make Bitcoin Deposits to a Casino or Sportsbook 

Once you have all the money in your Bitcoin wallet, the next step is to make deposits to an online sportsbook or Casino for you to start playing. Doing this is not difficult either; all you have to do is go to the deposits page of the sportsbook or Casino that you wish to use for gaming and click on the available Bitcoin option. After you have done this, you will be provided with precise instructions on how to deposit your Bitcoin.

The process of making deposits to any gaming site is simple and should only take a few minutes to carry out and complete. Once the deposit process is complete, you will get approval that your money is on the site and get the playing nod immediately.

For starters, finding the right Bitcoin Gambling site might be challenging and we are very aware of that. As such, we have researched some of the best Bitcoin gambling sites for you to enable you to choose only the best from them with ease. Here are some of them and please note that we will not be able to take you through all of them but only a few especially the most ideal ones for this purpose.


  • BitStarz
  • mBitCasino
  • Cloudbet
  • 7BitCasino
  • FortuneJack
  • BitStarz


If you are a new Bitcoin gamer looking for the right gaming site, we recommend you consider working with this site. We are not saying it is the best; we leave that to a personal preference. However, our analysis of the many Bitcoin gambling sites leads us to conclude that this is one of the best sites for many reasons that we shall show below.

First of all, BitStarz main selling point is that it offers you as a player a more extensive selection of games, many of which are very popular among casino players online. To understand how big this platform is, it has over 3.4 million players and a total of 3600 games with a jackpot of 2.4 million euros. BitStarz is regarded by many as the king of slots because of the many slots they offer which exceed 1800 slots.

For new Bitcoin gamers on BitStarz, the platform takes in credit cards and payment methods for euro deposits. It comes with many features among them many different games and many pros like the following;


  • Large variety of games
  • Wide bonuses
  • Many games available for enjoyment
  • Easily processed payments


These pros on the BitStarz Bitcoin gaming platform exceed those on other platforms. However, just like any other platform, BitStarz has its cons; in this case, it is the location issue. BitStarz is not available in all locations meaning if you are a person who travels a lot, you might get to some locations where you might not be able to access this gaming platform. 

Still on the positive side, BitStarz comes with one of the best customer experiences ever. The site is run by some of the best-seasoned casino employees who are always ready to handle your needs. The platform also offers various channels you can use to get in touch with them in case of any problem.


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