How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding

With people finally rescheduling their weddings, more couples are seeing a shift in their priorities. Eco-friendly weddings have become increasingly popular as a way to celebrate.

Here are six tips to plan a sustainable wedding:


1. Don’t Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond

Everything starts with the proposal – and finding the perfect engagement ring takes a lot of effort.

If possible, you should avoid purchasing a lab-grown diamond. They use significantly more electricity and water, unless the company creates their lab-grown diamonds with 100% renewable energy.

Make sure to ask about the company’s process before making a purchase.


2. Be Conscious With Your Invitations

Paper invitations are a classic way to let your guests know about your upcoming wedding. However, this can not only get expensive but can also do damage to the environment.

Between paper envelopes and the cards, you’re tearing down more trees and adding to the landfills upon disposal.

Instead, consider working with a local company that creates invitations with recycled paper, leather, or fabric products. Some even offer the option for biodegradable invitations.

If you want to save yourself some extra money, set up a wedding website and email your invitations instead.


3. Give Back With Your Wedding Registry

A common tradition for a couple who is planning on getting married is to set up a wedding registry. They may go to a local department store or start one through a website. However, there’s an alternative to collecting unnecessary home decor items and kitchen appliances.

For your sustainable wedding, set up a registry that gives back to the environment. Find a cause you’re passionate about and have people donate to the cause rather than bring you a gift.


4. Elope In the Outdoors

Not every wedding needs to be a large gathering. Eloping is by far one of the most sustainable ways to have a wedding. It’s small and intimate with little waste.

Weddings held in National Parks around the United States, for instance, contribute back to the conservation of the parks themselves.

At the end of the day, it will just be you, a few of the people closest to you, and the great outdoors. If you want more of your friends and family present, you can opt-in for a virtual live stream of the event.


5. Shop Second Hand and Donate After

Centerpieces and wedding decor for the reception don’t always have to be bought new. Going to a local thrift store is a great way to find unique and eclectic items you can use for your wedding.

Pre-used mason jars, string lights, and even fake flowers can all be found at an affordable price. Once the wedding day is over, you’ll no longer need them so consider donating the decorative pieces you no longer need back to a secondhand shop.


6. Buy Used Wedding Dresses

Even wedding dresses these days can be an eco-friendly alternative. Instead of buying a dress brand new, you can buy designer gowns secondhand.

Think about it. The dress has only been worn once before so why not save yourself some money and help the environment in the process?

After the wedding, you can resell your dress to someone else who wants to do the exact same thing!



Having an eco-friendly wedding is not only a great way to save money on your big day, but leaves you and your partner feeling like you’ve made an impact on the world.

From choosing your wedding venue to working with sustainable vendors, there are always alternatives to change how you leave your mark on this planet.

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