How to Open a Sex Toy Store

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The market for pleasure products is booming, so much so that it was worth a staggering $34.95 billion in 2021. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Don’t miss out on the adult toy revolution. Claim your rightful slice of the pie by opening a sex toy store.

Let’s face it, humans never tire of finding new ways to get frisky. So if you’re in the sex industry, your bank account is sure to experience a delightful rise.

If you’re ready to turn your passion for pleasure into a profitable venture, keep reading for some killer tips on making your adult toy store a success!


Before Opening a Sex Toy Store

Research is the foundation of any business venture. The more information you have about the adult toy industry and the competition within it, the better off your business will be. Spend a few weeks looking up the following:

  • Average sales of top adult toy stores
  • What types of products sell the best
  • How much profit you can expect to make
  • Typical profit margins are for each product
  • What types of marketing strategies have been most successful

And, of course, you should do some local research as well. Visit your city’s adult novelty shops and check out what types of products they carry, how much they charge for them, and how customers respond to their marketing efforts.

Once you’ve completed the research phase, here’s what to do next.


Pick a Shocking Name

To get customers into your new store, you will need a name that stands out. Ideally, the phrase should be easy for customers to remember and spell, but not so common that they confuse it with another adult toy store they saw on Google Maps. You can use a free name generator, like Shopify or Looka, to help with this step.

The best names have short words and memorable syllables. For example, Frisky Finds and Sensual Secrets are unique enough that people won’t forget them.

Whatever business name you choose, remember to avoid using puns or innuendos. It may seem like a good idea but it can be confusing for customers and make your store seem less professional.


Location, Location, Location

Your novelty store must be in a spot that’s convenient, visible, and accessible. High-traffic areas are the best choice. However, these spaces usually come with the disadvantage of fewer parking spots.

When choosing a location, think about how close it is to competitors. If there are other sex shops nearby, you’ll need to be more creative in how you attract customers.


Develop a Business Plan

A business plan is a blueprint that keeps you focused on your goals. It makes decision-making easier because there are clear objectives to achieve.

A well-written business plan should include:

  • A description of what products the company will offer
  • Overview of the competitive environment
  • A description of the target market
  • The company’s mission and vision statement
  • The business structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC)
  • How much money it’ll take to get started

You can add as many things to your business plan as you like, but these core elements must be included. You’ll need this information when you’re looking for investors to help launch your company.


Seek Financing

Your lender should understand what it takes for an adult toy store to succeed in today’s marketplace. It’s best to find investors who have worked with these types of shops before.

If you don’t have any contacts, start by talking to other business owners in your area. They may recommend someone. You can also contact your local Small Business Administration office for a list of available lenders.


Decide on Inventory

It makes sense to offer a diverse selection of products. There’s no point in opening an adult toy store if you’re only going to sell one type of dildo or vibrator. You want to have a selection that will appeal to everyone—from couples looking for new ways to spice up their sex life to singles who want something extra for when they’re alone in bed.


Find a Reliable Vendor

The vendor of your choice should provide samples, quotes, and timelines for their products. They should also offer warranties on defective products.

Remember that quality really counts when it comes to adult toys. Don’t go with a vendor who’s gonna give you cheap items that take forever to get to you. You won’t feel good about it and your customers will be even more pissed off.


Stock and Account Inventory

The best way to stock your store is by using a barcode scanner. These devices let you scan each item as it comes in, eliminating manual data entry.

Once the inventory has been scanned, use the information from this process to create an Excel spreadsheet that tracks all of your sales data (prices, quantity sold per day, etc.). You’ll need this spreadsheet to verify your inventory levels.


After Opening

Before you sell sex toys, you must promote your company. Google AdWords lets businesses like yours advertise their products through ads placed at the top of search results pages.

You can target your audience based on keywords. Some popular search terms for adult toys include:

  • Sex toys
  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Rose toys

The best way to get started with Google AdWords is by using a tool called the Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to enter keywords related to sex toys, then shows you how many people search for those keywords each month. You can also use this tool to see how much it costs per click on your ad, as well as which ads are most effective in driving sales.

After you’ve claimed a spot on Google SERP, it’s time to get down to business and organize your store’s operations.


Hire a Solid Team

Vacancies at sex stores can attract all types of applicants, so be sure to screen them thoroughly. Hire people who are enthusiastic about your business. You want to work with individuals who’ll bring their best every day.

It’s a bonus if they have experience in the industry. Untrained salespeople can give customers misinformation about adult toys, which is bad for the customer and the store.

A positive attitude is another requirement. No matter how much experience someone has, they can’t help your company grow if they’re always negative.

Most importantly, your new employees should seem compatible. After all, they’ll be working together. It’s best to hire people who share similar interests and goals.


Invest in a Payment Processor

A payment processor is an online service that helps you accept credit and debit cards. Since 27% of all transactions are made with cards, it’s important to have one.

When choosing a processor, look for those that cater to the sex industry. They’ll be able to provide you with adult novelties merchant accounts that follow your state’s guidelines.

Be aware that payment processors charge a fee for their services. The price can vary so much that it’s impossible to give an average figure.

Regardless of the fee, these services are worth it. Payment processors protect you from fraud and make it easy for customers to shop online.


Design a Marketing Strategy

Every day, thousands of people are looking for adult toys online, so how do you make sure they find your store?

Focus on locating shoppers who will make up most of your sales. This will be your target market. Direct your marketing efforts toward them.

Every ad should include a promise—but you must be able to deliver on that promise. For instance, if someone sees a “free shipping” ad but then is charged for shipping when they check out, that’s problematic. The customer will feel ripped off.

Be sure to only advertise guarantees that are feasible for your company. If you can’t afford free shipping, don’t advertise it. Instead, offer a coupon code for $5 off or a gift with every purchase.


Get a Visible Inventory List

Your inventory list is where your staff will keep track of all the different items in your store and how much they cost. The list should be available on a computer file or posted in the storage closet.

This list must be kept up-to-date. Each employee needs to know exactly what products are available so they can direct customers to the right items. If an item is out of stock, you need to know so it can be replenished before a customer arrives looking for it.


Establish Your Online Presence

You can do this by creating a website and setting up social media accounts. But it’s not enough to just make an account; you must update your digital platforms regularly.

As a new business, new content should be posted about once a week. Choose a posting schedule that works for you. Just know that more posts will mean more exposure.

It’s also important to respond to comments, messages, and other social media interactions quickly so customers know you care about their feedback.

For content creation, hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist is recommended. They can help you create search-friendly content that will rank higher on Google. Their expertise also simplifies reaching your target audience.


Run a Special

Running a special helps build interest in your store. Remember to stick to an offer that’s relevant to your shop and its customers. You could offer discounts on a popular item or post a contest where people can win something free.

You could also run specials based on the amount of money spent at the shop. For example, if someone spends more than $50, they can receive an additional 5% off their purchase. This will draw more people into your store and make them buy more items.


Hire Accountants

In today’s competitive business landscape, the importance of sound financial management cannot be overstated. For a new adult store, hiring accountants can contribute to the long-term success of the business.

Accountants bring expertise in economic management. This means they can help you navigate complex financial regulations. Your business will always be compliant with all relevant laws, minimizing the risk of penalties and fines.

Moreover, accountants can help the store optimize its tax strategy. They’ll make you aware of potential deductions and tax credits that can save your business money.

Your financial processes will also run more smoothly. Accountants can help with:

  • Setting up accounting software
  • Implementing internal controls
  • Developing effective financial reporting

By doing so, the store will have accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible financial statements.

Another crucial benefit of hiring accountants is their ability to provide valuable monetary insights. Their financial statements can help a company’s management team see how well it’s doing. This can be particularly valuable for a new store, as it can help the business identify growth opportunities and control costs.

Furthermore, accountants can play a vital role in financial planning. They can help the store develop realistic budgets and financial forecasts. You’ll be able to better allocate resources and prioritize the right investments.


Build a Business That Makes Everyone Feel Good

Now that you know how to open a sex toy store, get out there and do it! You’ll be able to offer adventurous people the products they want, in a safe and supportive environment. You’ll also be creating jobs for people who are excited about sex and want to help others explore their sexual desires.

Most importantly, you’ll be improving everyone’s quality of life by helping them find pleasure.

Use our sex and relationships section to see what people are into nowadays. Then help them fulfill those cravings.

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