How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has hailed in the MMO business for a long time now and it’s attracting so many of this generation’s gamers to its fold. The game itself is a whole package of action and adventure with a really great concept which makes it wholesome.

The great thing about Final Fantasy XIV is that it offers a million ways that you can level up through and the depth of available chances is just too great and vast. But it also makes the whole process a little complex as new players who are building from scratch feel confused about what to begin with.

Anyways, we are here to make your life in FFXIV a little easier by sharing with you some tips and tricks to bulk up that XP to level up your FFXIV account. So, Here is a precise guide that will help you through the baby steps in the game all hassle-free.


Main Story Quests

Sticking to main story quests if you are a fresher is the key way to level up at a nice pace and with main story, you are going to learn the basics of the game too quick which will help you survive in the world of Eorzea along with blessing you with a hefty amount of EXP.

While you complete the main quests, a lot of them require a specific level and if you ever fall short, there are side quests always waiting for you to get to your desired level and then continue doing the main quests back again. This not only enables you to become a better FFXIV player in a short time but they also help you to earn more FFXIV gils, which are a must for any player on any MMORPG, players are even grabbing New World Coins because the game key is so new and everyone wants to be ahead.


Trials and Dungeons

Trials and dungeons can be a big hassle in even the best of the MMOs but as the saying goes, “ there is a first time for everything” and you will have to start getting into a mess to be able to manage the pressure of not letting your side down. All these side activities surely are a difficult part of the game but they often come with great amounts of experience that helps you level up faster than usual.

Final Fantasy XIVs guildhests are a great way of earning big and beautiful amounts of EXP. But if you are having a hard time, trying to wrap your head around, FFXIV boosting can be a tremendous push in the right direction and a much needed one.



Another good way to go about claiming that XP real fast in the game, but not the easiest of course, are the FATEs. FATEs are unique boss fights that appear in the world at any random time and place, so you always need to be on the lookout. They can be difficult, so team up with pals or use the Duty Finder to locate a squad to help you out in the fight. They don’t give out as much EXP as Dungeons, Trials, or Guildhests, but they’re easier to enter. All of these final tasks will appear in your Challenge Log, which will aid you even more if you’re looking to level up quickly in FFXIV.


Boss Fights

Another way to earn big dollops of EXP are boss fights that spawn randomly in the world called FATEs. If you are aiming for fast-levelling at a much higher pace than FATEs are definitely your thing. But the bosses are really tough and before planning to take on one, you will have to strategize your approach perfectly with your friends and lay out the best plans to minimise the expenses and losses in turn for a nice reward of EXP.


Complete challenges

Be it any online multiplayer game, the one thing that remains to be one of the best ways to level up in the game are the daily or weekly challenges that provide the player with an alternative to score some quick XP. Some of these challenges can be quite tedious while others tend to be less intimidating and even fun. So, make sure to keep an eye out for these challenges to earn some quick xp points in the game.


Take Care of your Character

This might sound a little tedious but just like in real life, staying fed and well rested is another key element in levelling up fast. Taking care of yourself in FFXIV, staying rested and fed gives you a 3% EXP boost for 30 minutes while the food itself is easily accessible and costs as low as 7 Gil which makes this probably the best and most basic way to level up fast.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the best MMORPGs to date and just like any other, it requires players to be highly invested in the game and with a plethora of choices to make a living in the game, there’s just so much you can do to level up in the game. These are just a few things you can do to quickly level up in the game.

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