How to grow your business with a fashion podcast

Looking for interesting ideas to take your fashion business to the next level? What about launching your own podcast?

Yes, we know, at first sight, this idea seems ridiculous. Your industry is all about visuals, while podcasts are audio. Their combination doesn’t sound like a perfect match.

Nevertheless, by starting a podcast, you gain a chance to expand your audience and build a community around your business. It is also a perfect opportunity to stand out among your competitors.

Of course, this task is challenging, and you’ll face a lot of difficulties on this path. The point is that you should dive deeper, develop a winning strategy and create powerful content. Follow these steps to grow your business with a fashion podcast!

Look for inspiration

If you want to come up with outstanding ideas, the first thing you should start with is listening. Find some incredible fashion podcasts like The Future of Fashion, Dressed: The History of Fashion, Fashion No Filter, The Beauty Closet, etc., and dive in. You can start with them, but it would be perfect if you make your own list of podcasts and branch out.

Listening to different podcasts, you can analyze them to understand their pros and cons, marketing strategies used. Try to understand what tools do other fashion podcasters use to build connections with their audiences. It will also be a good idea to look for additional information, e.g. read these podcasters’ blogs, subscribe to their newsletter, etc. We bet that you’ll mention that most of them convert speech to text in order to create various types of content. Though your podcast can be a successful medium, it is only a part of a bigger strategy.

Find your unique niche

Once your research is over, it is necessary to determine what you want to tell your listeners about. There are many other fashion podcasts, and you don’t need to be just a new one. Brainstorm unique ideas: what can you offer? Is there an angle to look at common topics? Ideally, your niche should be related directly to your interests and knowledge in this industry.

It is absolutely normal if this stage takes you a lot of time. When you begin, you need to find a good niche, choose an attractive name, hire a reliable transcription company, analyze your audience, and so on. Don’t underestimate these tasks even if you want to focus on content creation. Without the right strategy and talented international transcriptionists, you’ll never succeed.

Structure your podcast

Just like your college essays, your podcast episodes have to be structured. Of course, this stage is not necessary, but if your goal is to provide your listeners with high-quality content, you have to go into the technical details as well as order audio transcription services. There are the most important questions to answer:


  • What will be the format of your fashion podcast? Is it just your project, or do you want to ask someone to co-host with you? Are you going to interview guests from time to time?
  • How long will your episodes be? It is a tough question since there are different people with different preferences. You can find a lot of podcasts that are 20 minutes long, but there are also episodes with lengths of several hours, and they are popular as well. You need to understand what your ideal length is and adhere to it.
  • How often will you post new fashion podcast episodes? Once a day? The chances are you’ll not have enough time for research, recording, editing, creating text transcriptions, etc. The optimal frequency is once a week. It is okay if you want to make some special episodes, e.g., based on important fashion events, but it is necessary to have a clear schedule.
  • Will your podcast be accessible? Think about people with hearing impairments and listeners from other countries. If you want to make your fashion podcast more popular, create its text version and ask for subtitle services help when you launch the video version.


With answers in your toolbelt, you also need to analyze your target audience. Of course, it is your podcast, so it is you who set rules. However, if you want to get people more engaged, you need to show them that their opinion matters.

Ensure that you have the right equipment

Undoubtedly, you’re going to create interesting and captivating fashion content. But it doesn’t matter that much if the quality of your episodes is poor. We don’t tell you that you have to buy fancy equipment and find a professional studio even before you get your feet wet. At this stage, you just need a good microphone (for you and each guest) and a basic application like Audacity or GarageBand.

Besides, the better the quality of your audio is, the more opportunities you have. For example, when you use automated transcription software, it can recognize the voice and provide you with an accurate text version. Click here for an online invoice maker, essential for a business.

Always focus on promotion

Even if you provide your listeners with the best fashion news, interviews, and other ideas, you need to work hard if you want your podcast to easily be found on all platforms. That’s why we recommend you to use secure transcription — it is the shortest way to boost your social media, email marketing, and other channels that help you to build your audience. Just imagine how much time you can save; you don’t need to create new content from scratch; the only thing you need is the text version of your episode. It also helps you to set up your SEO because search engines don’t work with audio or videos.

Obviously, podcasting is a challenging path. You have to spend a lot of time to find your idea, come up with the right name, grow your audience, and so on. Don’t forget that the fashion industry is pretty competitive, and there are plenty of other content creators that work for the same audience. But if you love this, if you have clear goals, and you are ready to overcome difficulties, you’ll surely make the grade!







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