How to dress in a London Casino

London Casino Dress Code

London is one of the premier hubs for casinos in Europe. Visitors from across the globe travel to the metropolitan city every day to take in the sights, sounds, and of course, spend some time in one of its beautiful casinos.

However, if you’re trading an online casino for a real one, how you dress is important. Casinos have strict dress codes depending on the type of casino, the time of day, and if you are attending a particular event. Here are the best clothing choices to wear to one of London’s casinos.



Most casinos, especially at night, would require you to wear a more formal outfit. Unless otherwise stated, it wouldn’t be a black-tie event, but more along the line of dressing for a wedding or an important event.

Blazer & Shirt

A simple blazer and button-up shirt are the two most important aspects of a formal outfit. You can’t wear freshly ironed pants and leather shoes with a t-shirt. If you are traveling to London to visit a casino, your blazer and formal shirt should be the first things you pack.


You will need a pair of formal trousers or chinos. These trousers should be freshly ironed and pleated and should match the blazer you have chosen. It is much easier to keep your blazer and pants neutral, as they are far easier to style, as you can select any color when it comes to your shirts and accessories.

Shoes & Accessories 

A pair of brown and black leather shoes are a must. They go with every possible color you could wear, and also add that extra touch of class to any formal outfit you may wear. Lace-up shoes will always look better than loafers, but it is up to you and your preferences.

With regards to accessories, a small colorful handkerchief in your breast pocket will always look good and a leather belt is also a must, make sure you have a black and a brown one, as your belt color should always match your shoe color.


Semi-formal is the dress code you will encounter most often. Many casinos will require a semi-formal dress code at the bare minimum, no matter the time of day or day of the week. This dress code can also be upgraded to formal wear if there is an event you are attending.


Semi-formal wear is basically formal, but without the bells and whistles. You should still choose to wear a button-up shirt, but there is no need for a blazer, tie, or cufflinks, and a simple button-up shirt is more than acceptable.


You have a bit more leeway with pants in a semi-formal setting. You can stick with the ironed and pleated dress pants, but you can also choose to wear a more comfortable pair of chinos or even jeans. Regarding jeans, make sure they aren’t ripped or highly decorated jeans, this could be frowned upon.

Shoes & Accessories

Once again, you have a few more options when it comes to shoes. In a semi-formal setting some types of sneakers will be acceptable, especially if they are one color, such as black or white.

You can also fall back on leather shoes as they will always be regarded as smart and formal but are also semi-formal enough for any situation. You should not wear open-toed shoes like sandals or slip slops’ these are almost certainly a no-no at every formal and semi-formal establishment.



Casual is less common in casinos, but you can still find this dress code in certain establishments, especially if it is earlier in the day. Most dress codes are either implemented constantly, or after a specific time.


A casual dress code means you can wear either a button-up shirt or a t-shirt. Depending on your taste, neutral colors are often easier to style and wear. Avoid wearing a vest or anything that you may wear to the gym.


Your choices for pants can vary between formal pants, jeans, chinos, and even shorts. While shorts may generally be frowned upon, it is more acceptable in summertime as casinos won’t often force you to wear long pants as it is far too hot.

Once again, it is a good idea to avoid wearing something you may also wear to the gym. This is a good rule of thumb to remember, as gym wear often comes across as shabby and lazy in an environment such as a Skrill casino.

Shoes & Accessories

Your shoe and accessory choices can vary too. Sneakers are obviously allowed in a casual setting, as are open-toed sandals. Sandals would be far more common during Summer however, but they do fall into the casual dress code, not formal or semi-formal.

You can have as many, or as few accessories as you want. Regarding hats, most casinos will discourage or outright ban, people wearing any type of hat as it is deemed to interfere with security and surveillance, so avoid wearing them no matter the accepted dress code.


Seasonal Wear and Extras

Depending on the season, there will be some items which you will wear with your dress code acceptable outfits. If it is cold, a jacket will be necessary, and unless it is a sports team branded tracksuit top, most jackets are relatively smart and formal.

London Winters can get bitterly cold, and you will probably add a scarf as well. Once again, a simple black, grey, or beige scarf will go with almost any outfit, and there are also specific ways to tie them to make them look more, or less formal.

Finally, a tie. If you are the type to dress up for an occasion, a tie is a must, and this is where you can experiment with bold colors and patterns too; however, a simple black tie is more than suitable. Skinny ties can also add a modern flare as opposed to the more common broader ties.

Finding the right thing to wear in a London casino isn’t as difficult as you might think, as long as you are aware of what is and isn’t acceptable, you will look stylish no matter where you go.

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