How To Choose The Right Shoes For Your Wedding?

Your wedding shoes are key in making your special day ensemble truly remarkable. However, there are some important choices to make:

  • What will be the right style?
  • Should you go for high heels or low heels?
  • Are flats the right choice for you?

To answer these questions and pick the perfect shoes for your dreamy day, a few key considerations should be in mind.
Let’s go through all aspects to guide you in making the right choice.

How Do You Choose Your Shoe Style?

Most brides have a themed style for their outfits in mind, and the main items that will achieve it are the dress and shoes.

Whether classic, romantic, boho, vintage or super modern – your dress and shoes should be soulmates. Your shoes should complement your dress in color, design, detailing, length, and style to make your bridal look whole and fabulous.

2 Easy Ways to Achieve Perfect Pairing

  • Your dress details can guide you to the right shoe: If your dress is made of lace, you can choose lacy shoes, if you have satin details on your corset, pairing it with satin or shiny shoes can be perfect.
  • You can also use your shoes to balance your style: With a heavily embellished gown, simpler shoes may work best, whereas a minimalist dress might pair well with more ornate shoes.

Your wedding shoes can also be an opportunity to reflect your unique taste and style, so if you have a specific signature style, now is the time to show it! It’s your day to shine, so pick a shoe style that makes you feel confident, special, and beautiful.

Should You Go For Heels or Flats?

Most wedding dresses pair well with heels, but the right choice depends on your dress style, dress length, habits, and… your groom’s height.

If you are used to walking with heels, then heels are the natural choice for you. However, if you’re not, choosing high heels for your most precious day, can be something you’ll regret.

If you are unaccustomed to heels but still want added height, be sure to choose comfortable options like wide heels, platforms, or wedges. These can add the desired extra inches to your silhouette, and still get you through the day gracefully.

One more thing to consider is your height relative to your groom’s. You might prefer heels to more closely align your heights, or choose chic flats if your groom is mid-height or shorter. This will make your dual image look harmonious.

6 Essential Tips For a Comfy & Stunning Day

#1 Consider the Season and Venue

If your wedding is indoors, you have the freedom to choose any type of shoe regardless of the forecast. However, for an outdoor wedding, it’s important to consider the weather.

On warmer days, open-toe shoes or heeled sandals are chic choices. But if your wedding day falls in the rainy season, consider boots to stay stylish and dry as you move between various settings. Furthermore, boots can be a stylish statement. Pairing black, comfortable women’s tall boots with a white gown, or cowgirl boots with a delicate lace dress, can create a stunning look and style.

Have a Chic Backup, Just in Case

If you’re set on open shoes but there’s a chance of rain, consider purchasing also a pair of sweet rubber boots to add a playful (and dry) touch to your chic. Pairing a wedding dress with tiger print rubber boots can be a wonderful practical choice for those moments, and will create an unforgettable bridal style.

#2 Don’t settle on your comfort

We all imagine our wedding day as perfect. In this vision we naturally picture ourselves looking stunning, and we take comfort for granted. However, to turn this vision into reality, we must be extra cautious in selecting our wedding shoes.

While they should complement your dress, it’s equally important that your shoes complement your comfort. It’s essential to try them on, walk around, and check the fit, support, and ease of movement they offer. After all, you’ll be wearing them for hours, standing, walking, and dancing.

If your preferred pair lacks these features, consider padding and arch support, particularly for heels.

#3 Prepare Your Feet

Break in your shoes before the wedding day to ensure they mold to your feet and to reduce the risk of blisters or discomfort. Comfortable shoes will help you enjoy your special day to the fullest, and allow you to focus on your celebration, not your feet.

#4 Make Your Steps Safe

When choosing your wedding venue, pay attention to the ground surface as it can guide your shoe selection. For a beach wedding, wearing comfortable women’s flats or wide low heels is an obvious choice, but there’s more to consider. If your wedding location is prone to dirt, shoes with delicate details like lace, satin, or velvet might not be suitable. Instead, you might prefer clean-style leather or faux leather shoes.

The variety of floor textures at your venue, from wooden decks with small gaps to gravel paths, can pose a challenge for thin heels. Therefore, before selecting your shoes, make sure you are aware of the types of surfaces you’ll be walking on, you might decide to go safer with wider heels.

#5 Begin Your Shoe Search Early

Early online research will allow you to explore various brands, styles, and prices and set your mind on your selection. This way, you can shop in time to have your shoes ready for your dress’s alterations and avoid last-minute rushes. Waiting until the last moment might force you to compromise on your ideal choice.

#6 Consider Having Two Pairs of Shoes

Choosing one pair for the ceremony and reception and another for dancing is a smart decision. It will provide you with the ideal comfort and style and will also serve as a safety net in case of unexpected issues.

Last Step

We’ve seen brides in sneakers, boots, Cinderella-style, and ballerina shoes. When your dress and shoe styles are chosen in harmony, whether boho, modern, or classic, it creates a stunning impact of pure beauty. By choosing your shoes with these features in mind, you will surely enjoy every step on your big day.

They say ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, so let’s make it unforgettable!

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