How men and women play at the mobile casino?

When people hear of “gamblers, they usually think of men. And it has always been the case, long before the advent of online casinos. Many years ago, in Europe and America, the gaming halls for Poker and Blackjack battles were filled with an exclusively male audience. It was difficult to imagine that women can also attend such gaming clubs.

Today, a lot has changed and women visit land-based casinos pretty often. The same can be said about online casinos. According to statistics, about 30% of all Australian mobile casinos accounts are owned by women. Therefore, if you still think that women only play Bingo and only in retirement age, this is your greatest misconception. So, what is it, a female view of gambling and is there a difference between a male and a female game? Do you want to know interesting details? Then keep reading this article.

Gambling abundance

How many different mobile casino games there are now! How difficult it is to resist this multiplicity of glowing slot machines with a bunch of bonuses and other attractive options. Obviously, women just couldn’t help but appreciate this luxurious casino world for themselves. Therefore, the army of female players is getting bigger every year.

The advantage of online gambling is its availability. To play your favorite virtual slot, you just need to open the browser, select the slot machines at the casino and click the Spin button. This is an elementary task that any girl of a gambling temperament can quickly cope with. Australian mobile casino offers a lot of opportunities for cool entertainments pastime. Moreover, to start playing at the casino, you do not even need to spend money. Many new sites offer free games.

If gambling is so accessible and so exciting, why should it be played only by men? Women simply could not resist amazing fun. They also play progressive jackpot video slots, compete at online Poker tournaments, play Blackjack, and place sports bets. In short, women today are just as active gamers as men.

What do women choose?

How does the gender of a person affect the choice of a casino game? And is there even this gradation between male and female preferences when it comes to online gambling? You need to look at the facts, because otherwise you can wallow in stereotypes from the category: boys wear blue and girls wear pink.

So, the fact that women have become much more likely to visit gaming halls over the past ten years is true. And this applies to both land-based casinos in Australia and online platforms. For comparison, in 2010, no more than 5% of Australian women played at the casinos. In 2018, this point increased to almost 30% of the female population.

Some casino researchers, including Grant Thompson, a few years ago conducted an analysis of how women are involved in the gaming industry and how this dynamic is growing every year. According to the data obtained, women play quite often in slots that do not have any special gender indicator. That is, women choose the same games as men. This applies not only to slots, but also to Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack.

Women are no less fond of playing slots on the theme of horror, shooting games and similar male themes. When developers create new game products, they do not think about the gender differences. They make a unique and exciting game that the audience expects. And as practice shows, men and women choose almost the same casino games.

Female spirit is closer to victory

Men and women have different natures and temperaments. It is obvious that the attitude to gambling among these sexes may differ. But in fact, both men and women have about the same mood towards gambling. For them, this is a bright and fun entertainment, which can also bring income. Most gamers, no matter what gender, still treat the game as just a game.

Another point is the style of playing. So, women and men have certain differences. Guys are constantly choosing new types of entertainment. They are very fond of launching new products and testing new game formats. Girls are the opposite; they prefer to choose one game or slot and hone their skills in it, bringing it to perfection.

When it comes to sports betting, women and men act the same way. They just pick a favorite team that shows a series of wins over time and bet on that player.

It is impossible to answer unequivocally who is luckier at the casino – men or women. Perhaps, if the result of the game depended on intuition, the girls would win more often than guys. But in the online club, everything works on the principle of a random fallout. Therefore, both a woman and a man can win at the casino, it depends only on who is lucky today.

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