How Land-Based Casinos Can Use Technology to Improve Their Offerings


The online casino industry is undoubtedly pushing the digital boundaries with its never ending quest for innovation. To understand this, one needs to look at new payment technologies, virtual games, and many other features found on online casino platforms.

However, what about land-based casinos in the USA? Are they lagging behind their online counterparts? What areas could they improve by using technology? This article will help you understand the enormous potential for physical casinos to benefit from incorporating cutting-edge technologies.


Embracing Cryptocurrency

Land-based casinos throughout the United States don’t accept cryptocurrency as a payment option, unlike their online counterparts. This puts them at a disadvantage against online platforms. It also leaves them out of taking advantage of the value of popular assets such as Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies.

This doesn’t affect just the USA; it’s a worldwide phenomenon. There’s one particular exception. The Merit Hotel Nicosia in Cyprus accepts Bitcoin and has been doing so since 2014. So, what’s the reason for this? In short, it’s about regulations.

Casinos are one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world, and because cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated in most parts of the world, adopting them can become a legal issue.

Another problem is that cryptocurrencies as digital assets are highly volatile, which will make gambling chips challenging to price. Besides, the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has a long verification time of about 10 minutes for each transaction. 

Still, given the popularity crypto has in the online world, resolving these issues would be a significant step in providing a viable alternative payment method for casino patrons. There is some hope that as Bitcoin is accepted for payment of taxes in Colorado, perhaps this will set a precedent for other uses.


Smart Layouts

Thanks to data analytics and related technologies, casinos can get an accurate picture of what goes on on the casino floor. They can use technology to identify the most popular games, the busiest casino areas, and much more.

It can help them develop more comfortable areas and decide on game placement based on available data. They can analyze lighting, seating, decoration, and ambient music to determine what works best.

Both casinos and their patrons will benefit from developing smart layouts. Because guests will be more comfortable and the design will be more appealing, they will probably spend more.


Exciting New Games

Online casinos in the USA have some advantages over brick-and-mortar ones. For instance, since games are displayed on a screen, online casinos have more leeway in creating new experiences without many constraints. 

This is why events such as the new Cash & Dash game release are so exciting. This game is for online casinos and caters to Millenials and Gen Z players. It’s a 3D game where players are infiltrators in a high-security bank and attempt to steal the treasure and escape.

New and exciting games bring fresh air into the online gaming world, and there’s no reason why physical casinos shouldn’t offer them. Creating new and engaging experiences is how classic games like roulette were developed long ago.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

The two technologies – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – have the ability to greatly transform both online and brick-and-mortar casinos. With virtual reality, an online platform can offer a virtual floor instead of a computer or smartphone screen. Real-life casinos can offer virtual assistants or new experiences hidden from plain sight.

Augmented reality would make for an arguably more exciting real-life experience than online. For instance, operators could let you use your phone or AR device to “scan” a game and find more information about it. Going to the bar and pointing your device to a cocktail may list and explain its ingredients.

Online casinos could offer more in-depth experiences with AR, too. For instance, an AR device could be used to activate hidden bonuses or extra game features.


The Future is Now

There’s no need to wait for things to happen. This is something that many industries including the gambling industry understand. It is obvious that some technologies aren’t exploited enough in what is available in gambling today.

Using cutting-edge technologies would increase the excitement and make online and offline casinos even more popular. What’s best is that most technologies are already here and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 


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