How Horse Racing Has Entered Different Aspects of Our Lifestyles

Horse racing has a long and interesting history but for many years it was considered extremely exclusive. Its nickname as the sport of kings reveals its noble past, but in what ways has it now entered more lifestyles?

Horse-Based Casino Games

The current best casino guides show that online gambling games cover many different themes, with horse racing one of the most interesting. Games like Slingo Constitution Hill, Derby Wheel and Big Racing all provide different ways of betting. Some feature bonus rounds where the player watches horses race around the track, while others simply use horse racing-related symbols. 

Slingo Constitution Hill is part of the Slingo genre which mixes slot mechanics with bingo gameplay to create something new. This game has three bonus races represented by different symbols, with the horse running the appropriate race when any of these symbols appears, to try and win a multiplier or jackpot. In this way, the developers have managed to mix various elements into a single game that is inspired by the horse racing world.  

Documentaries and Movies

Horse racing is no longer only shown on television when a big race or festival comes along. Rather, this sport has earned a place in the top streaming services in a variety of ways. Documentaries like Chasing the Win and Being AP let us see a different side of the industry by revealing how the top trainers and jockeys live. 

Dream Horse and Seabiscuit are among the popular movies based on true horses of real horses who captured the imagination of the public. All of this shows how the sport has become more accessible and even people who have never been to a racetrack can be entertained by learning about what goes on away from the races.       

Racetrack Fashion Shapes Our Idea of Dressing Up in Style 

The early 20th century saw the top racetracks becoming some of the most fashionable places, with the European Fashion Heritage Association suggesting that designers and the public used these events as a type of catwalk before fashion shows were widespread. Even now, many people take the opportunity to wear their finest clothes when visiting big races like Royal Ascot and the Grand National. This has influenced the fashion industry and shaped our image of how to dress up for special events.   

Horse racing fashion has changed recently, with the Jockey Club confirming in 2023 that they were removing the formal dress codes from their 15 racecourses across the UK. This is part of their efforts to make the sport more “accessible and inclusive”, by allowing spectators to wear whatever they feel comfortable and confident with. This should lead to more relaxed occasions at the big racetracks, but the evidence at major races since this announcement was made suggests that people are still inspired by the classic image of horse racing fashion.

All of these areas show us how horse racing has gone mainstream and given us new types of entertainment that appeal to more types of people than ever before.      

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