How Gloves Protect Your Hands During CrossFit Training

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If you have been doing CrossFit for some time now, you would have experienced callused, tender, sore or ripped hands due to gripping the pullup bar. However, you can protect your hands from injuries and discomfort by using the amazing CrossFit training gloves. 

CrossFit gloves cover your entire hand or most of it. Sometimes your fingers are exposed, such as in fingerless gloves. If you choose to go full glove, these gloves will protect your fingers and palm from cuts and general wear and tear.

Whichever CrossFit gloves you use, you can easily keep the dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell and pullup bar from rubbing against your skin.


Benefits of Wearing CrossFit Gloves for Functional Training

By wearing weight lifting belts during CrossFit training, you can reap the following benefits:


1.   Maintain Better Hygiene

A gym user may not have perfect hygiene. Open sores on the hands could allow bacteria to enter. Gloves help prevent exposure to bacteria like MRSA; thereby helping you prevent diseases and infections.


2.   Protect your Skin


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Gloves are a great way to keep your hands clean and free of calluses and blisters during functional training. They also protect against abrasions from rough equipment that could lead to infections.


1.   Increased Grip

A robust workout glove will help you improve your grip when weight lifting or other exercises. This is especially useful during CrossFit training, pullups and deadlifts. A glove can provide extra security, especially if your hands are small.

Gloves are great for absorbing sweat and keeping equipment from slipping, such as when you swing a kettlebell.


2.   Enhanced Support

Some gloves offer basic coverage, and some have more excellent protection to prevent calluses. Others gloves provide support and protection for your grip strength. Good grip strength is beneficial for those with weak wrists due to injuries.

CrossFit Training gloves can help you push yourself beyond the limits of your wrists. Gloves can help reduce pressure. They can be a quick solution for those who feel that the discomfort hinders their lifting ability in their hands.

The best CrossFit Gloves for weightlifting are those that fit well and offer all the benefits you want. You can find gloves with wrist wraps included.


3.   Reduced Hand Pressure

Gloves worn during training can help reduce your hands’ pressure. Gloves can be a quick solution for those who feel that their lifting ability is being held back due to discomfort in the hands.


Things to Consider When Buying CrossFit Gloves

A high-quality glove pair is made of many different materials and features that may confuse you. So which glove is best for you? You should consider three things before you buy your next pair.


1.   Grip

Most gloves have silicone padding, or dots, on the palm. Silicone gives the gloves a sticky feel and increases grip. You will feel more secure gripping the surface of your hand with this friction. It won’t take as much effort to maintain the same grip level as when your hands were bare.

Some gloves feature a palm made of suede or another leather type. This provides a similar benefit to silicone, but it has its limitations.

Breathability is drastically reduced when you have a leather palm. However, silicone can be added to any material to make it more breathable. However, silicone can be added to any more breathable material.


2.   Padding

Many gloves feature silicone padding on the glove’s palm. The silicone adds a sticky-like quality to the glove, increasing friction between your hand and the bar.

Most gloves have padding that creates distance between your hand and the bar.

Padding reduces friction in your hands. Why is this important?

Calluses can develop from increased friction between your skin and your hands. Calluses are generally harmless but can cause pain and irritation. Breaking a callus after the first set of pullups in a workout session is a disaster. It can also affect your workouts for a few weeks. The padding of the glove can prevent calluses.

However, do you know what they say about too many good things? I sure hope so. You can lose grip if you have too much padding.

Too much padding between the bar and your hand will cause your grip to become fatigued. It will leave you hanging from your fingertips. Thick padding typically makes it impossible to use your silicone gloves lining. For a burpee WoD, it’s best not to wear thickly padded gloves.


3.   Material


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Many gloves are made with a mix of natural and synthetic materials. It is essential to choose a suitable material for your palms. The best quality grip is achieved by choosing a glove made from leather. 

Leather gloves are great at reducing friction on the palm and relieving calluses. Neoprene comes in second place to leather. Neoprene is a durable synthetic material that’s also very breathable. Nylon gloves are not at all recommended.

Lycra, another material, is used to make sports performance gear. It is more breathable, which helps keep your hands and fingers dry. On the other hand, suede is stronger than synthetics and helps increase your grip strength.

Although neoprene, lycra, and other materials are great for making cross-training gloves, it is essential to look at your gloves’ features. Gloves made with neoprene inserts can absorb sweat and are a significant investment.

Your glove should have a Velcro strap. The strap will allow you to hold it in place. The Velcro should reach the wrist, and the glove should fit comfortably. However, it may still slip if the Velcro doesn’t go over the wrist. 

Workout gloves come in a variety of prices. It’s a good policy to spend a bit more on the quality you require. However, you can get good quality and price for Gloves for CrossFit Training & Weightlifting by DMOOSE. 

These gloves are made from this leather that is comfortable, ventilated, and durable, providing your wrists with extra support for the best gym experience. The silicone grip layer reduces slippage and ripping. The padded gloves would not roll down when lifting heavyweights with extra protection to the hands.



There are many benefits of using CrossFit gloves for your training sessions. They protect your hands from germs and calluses, provide more grip strength and reduce pressure in the hands.

You don’t have to wait to decide whether you want gloves for CrossFit or not. It just means you should use them. To put it simply, they help you get the most from your CrossFit training and prevent your hands from getting ripped. No matter what route you choose, it is important to train hard.

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