Hosting your first virtual games night: Bingo, charades and more!

There are certain times of the year when everyone goes into party mode. One of the most popular ways to party is to have a games night. The best part about hosting such an event in the age of high-speed Internet is that you can actually host them virtually. Here are five top games you can include in your games night.

A night in with casino games

If you and your friends liked to spend time at the casino, you can still do so virtually. First things first, a virtual party needs a good Internet connection. So make sure beforehand that everyone is set up for the party.

One of the ways in which all your guests can be more involved in a game is to choose one where you can play and chat at the same time, with numerous options online including bingo. This is an area that has seen numerous variants become popular, like Slingo, as seen in the online bingo at Paddy Power. Online casinos often have virtual chat rooms which you and all your guests can join at the same time, or you could set up a private video chat while you all play the game online together.

Video call charades

You can divide the guests up into teams and have a list of words to choose from. One guest can be the moderator who will have this list. They can assign words to the member whose turn it is to act in a separate chat or a breakaway room. Then, the game can continue on just like any regular old game of charades till all the guests get a turn each.

Heads up

The game was first popularised on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Basically, you hold up a card in front of your forehead, facing outwards. The other players have to describe the word or object and you have to guess correctly. This game has actually been integrated into video chatting app Zoom for exactly the purpose of having a virtual games night, so it should be quite easy to play with your friends. In this version, the card is displayed to everyone but the person who has to guess the word.

Trivia night

Of course, you and your friends would definitely have some shared interests. All you need to do is choose one or more genres that interest everyone. Divide the guests into teams of two or three, depending on how many people are playing. You can assign yourself or one of the other guests to be the quizmaster.

Picture 2

Clue in everyone

One of the most famous board games in the world can now be played virtually as well. It has all the elements that make a classic murder mystery party a hit–intrigue, hidden clues, and sinister secrets. There is now an app version of Clue available. You just need to make everyone download this before your game night begins so that you can dive right into it. If you set up a separate video chat, it will be almost like you are together in the room.

These are our top five choices. There are actually many more options to choose from. You can make a selection that is most suitable to the unique interests of the group you are hosting.

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