Home Decorations: How To Do It Like A Professional


Decorating your home can be a truly rewarding experience, especially after you move to a new place.

The process of making a living space your own can be a source of great joy in a time of uncertainty. When you do it right, you’ll make a comfortable home, but if you do it wrong, you may be stuck with unsightly furniture for years to come. We’ll help you succeed on the first try.


Measure Before Shopping

You can’t just start throwing furniture in your house without knowing how large the space is. At the same time, you also can’t mentally pick out your favorite items, only to find you can’t get them into your house. Too many accidental purchases have been made for both reasons, and unless you want to drive anything back to the store, you need to prepare before shipping your items.


Use Custom-Made and Built to Last Furniture

Getting the aesthetics right in your home is important, but you also want to buy furniture that will support you throughout your life. Unless you plan on switching up your couch every few years, get a cute, functional, and spacious sofa from Living Cozy. While you’re at it, load up on your staples like an entertainment system, coffee table, and side tables match your new couch.


Draw a Floor Plan

Now that you know what type of space you’re working with, you can start drafting a floor plan. While you can draw a floor plan the old-fashioned way, it’s better to use phone applications or computer software to know exactly how everything will fit in your new home. Start moving furniture around until you find a layout that suits you and your family’s needs and lifestyle.


Put Focus on the Walls

In a new home, the walls, floors, and ceilings become the ultimate canvas. You can choose between any paint color, wallpaper pattern, or trim of your choice as long as it matches your overall decorating style and theme. Monochrome wallpaper of Paris can make a dining room look dramatic, while a green ceiling can spruce up a bedroom, especially with green curtains. 

Most of your decor will revolve around the color of your home, so it’s essential to decide on your coat of paint before the rest of your furniture. Otherwise, many of your more eclectic pieces won’t work and will either need to be thrown out or reincorporated into other rooms.

Hang Mirrors in Each Room

Mirrors can make a space feel more spacious, brighter, and full of life. However, placing one in the wrong spot could spell disaster if the light bounces around the room in the wrong way. Always put mirrors perpendicular to windows, not directly across, to create the right illusion. Hanging a large mirror directly opposite of a window can bounce it right back out. To make the space appear bigger, ditch the heavy curtains for tinted window films.

Brighten up your home with flowers

Flowers can transform a space not only by brightening it, but also by making you feel better. You can certainly achieve your goal with a weekly or monthly flower subscription from a reputable flower shop. Choosing the right flowers for an interior scheme is always challenging since flowers are an individual preference. However, they can add a wonderful personal touch if you choose the right ones. You can also even try to put some dried pampas in which you can check out Eat Olivia for more details about it.


Declutter and Plan Out the Details

The longer you live in a house, the less likely you are to see your mess over time. Most of us will buy shelves to display our prized possessions, but they may start to overcrowd your home and make the place feel like an antique shop. Keep a minimalist home by throwing out or hiding anything you don’t need and only show off items that fit with your theme or decorating style.

Scale Fixtures to the Room Size

Whether you want to place wall-to-ceiling curtains or large pieces of art, you need to make sure they fit the size of the room. For example, a small picture frame in a bedroom with high ceilings can completely throw off the balance of the space. Instead, place bigger accessories in big rooms and save the smaller nik naks for areas that need it, like the bathroom or study.

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